Twitter Planning to Extend its Character Limit to 280

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey a year ago announced that the social media platform’s 140 character limitation will be extended. Now it looks like the organization is making a steady move to live up to its word.

Starting from Tuesday, Twitter stated, it will be testing the feature give a few users a chance to twofold the measure of characters permitted in a tweet. The 280 character limit will be available only to a few users. The organization declined to remark specifically on how it’s picking those individuals or why it has suddenly thought about its 140 character limit.

It’s a fact that a few dialects enable each character to mean more. Twitter users in different dialects have discovered workarounds to sidestep the 140 character restrict. It’s regular to see somebody convey a string, or “Twitterstorm,” by flagging that their contemplations will come in pieces i.e., writing 1/6 to take note of the first portion of six related tweets. Twitter itself did this on Tuesday morning, while tending to why it hasn’t suspended President Trump from its stage. Dorsey himself has utilized a typical workaround to posting a picture of longer content or to get around as far as possible.

It’s astonishing that Twitter would return to such a necessary piece of its system, particularly after completely expressing the 140 character limit. Regardless of the huge declaration, Twitter is in effect really close-lipped regarding how this will look to the ordinary Twitter user how likely users are to see their own records, the records of others in their feeds or, maybe, in the hands of a specific tweeter-in-boss. At the end of the day, Twitter has discovered that expelling this limit regardless of the possibility that it implies surrendering something that has been center to its personality can enable it to contact more individuals who will then utilize its item more. Also, eventually, that is the thing that Twitter has been looking for quite a long time: an approach to acquire users and to make its eccentric routes less demanding to get it.

Step by step, the social networking site has rolled out improvements to enhance its ease of use, including tweaking the timelines work, and altering its tenets to avoid pictures, recordings and GIFs from meaning something negative for the quantity of characters in a tweet. Not all changes have been liked by its ardent fans but Twitter has also turned around arrangement as a result of user complaints. With this test, Twitter is developing yet again in its quest to attract more new users. It’s the organization’s greatest advance far from its past yet.


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