16 Top Things to Do in South Carolina

South Carolina offers enough of what you might anticipate, from historic estates and cultural excursions to magnificent shores and its ever-present oak trees. A guided tour is a way to go if you want to see the finest of Charleston with the Qatar airways business class flights of lavish amenities. Although Carolina is a fascinating trip in itself, if one wishes to combine it with any African country can do so by availing of London to Ethiopia Flights.

Congaree National Park

The incredible variety of life in Congaree National Park, from the critically endangered indigo snakes and red-cockaded woodpeckers to the towering loblolly pines, is a direct result of the park’s status as the oldest bottomland hardwood forest in North America. Tourists may follow a canoe track that has been blazed along Cedar Creek to explore the park from the water.

Drayton Hall

Drayton Hall, built in 1738, stands out as the country’s oldest intact plantation house among the numerous historical dwellings in South Carolina. It is believed that thousands of enslaved people, including Native Americans, contributed to founder John Drayton’s fortune from his 100 plantations.

Travel to an African village.

Oyotunji African Village is a 27-acre community near Seabrook, New York, home to people of the Yoruba and Dahomey cultures of Nigeria and West Africa. This unique community can find monthly festivals, historical records, original paintings, and more.

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The Angel Oak on John’s Island outside.

Most of South Carolina’s most oversized island, John’s Island, is located entirely within Charleston County. A historic oak tree on the island was here long before the United States was even a thought. The age of Angel Oak, a live oak native to the South, is believed to be between 300 and 400 years old.

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach has 60 miles of coastline and is famous for its silky sand and family-friendly atmosphere. It’s also a popular golf destination, sometimes cited as a potential “Golf Capital of the World.”

Channel Edgar Allan Poe on Sullivan’s Island

It’s a common misconception that Edgar Allan Poe spent his whole life in New England, where many of his horror tales are situated; otherwise, he dropped out of college, joined the military, and in 1827 spent some time on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina. Even though he was only there for 11 months, the island and he both made indelible marks on each other.

Exploring some of the nation’s oldest-designed gardens

The gardens at Middleton Place were first laid out in 1741 and are a pleasure to stroll through today, but they also serve as a backdrop for the estate’s fascinating 280-year history. The 65-acre property near Charleston is a National Historic Landmark because of its museum, stable yards, and Versailles-inspired gardens.

Yogi Bear’s honey-fried chicken is worth a try.

The once-prolific Yogi’s Fried Chicken franchise is now down to a single site and can be located in Hartsville, South Carolina. In 1962, Gene Broome founded four national franchises, one of which was Yogi Bear’s, based on his recipe for honey-flavored fried chicken.

The Gullah culture of Hilton Head Island is worth investigating.

The Gullah people, descended from enslaved West Africans sent to the southern states to work on plantations, live on this little island. Beginning and ending in Hilton Head’s Coastal Discovery Museum, Gullah Heritage Trail Tours provide visitors an in-depth look at contemporary Gullah culture and an opportunity to learn the language and traditions of this South Carolina community. Qatar airways economy class can make your trip cheaper.

Panoramic view of Fort Sumter in South Carolina.

Recent visitors praised the National Historical Park for providing a fascinating look into the events that precipitated the American Civil War. You’ll need to take a boat to Sullivan’s Island, where Forts Sumter and Moultrie are situated.

Learn the history of the kazoo and make your own

Beaufort is home to one of the greatest public collections of the buzzing musical instrument at The Kazoobie Kazoo Factory. With a museum, guided tours, a souvenir store, and the option to create your kazoo, America’s only plastic kazoo factory is proud of its creation.

South Carolina State Museum

This museum in Columbia, the state capital, is a tribute to everything in South Carolina. The Apollo 16 lunar mission focuses on a planetarium presentation and accompanying exhibits. South Carolina history and other related themes are shown in revolving displays.

See one of the few tea plantations in North America.

Tea is grown in China and India, where the climate is ideal for the fragile plants required to produce the beverage; tea grown in North America is a rarity. South Carolina is one of the few states where it can flourish. South of Charleston, on Wadmalaw Island, you’ll find the Charleston Tea Garden.

Visit the Blue Ridge Mountains’ state parks and waterfalls.

Sassafras Mountain, the highest peak in South Carolina, stands at 3,560 feet inside the Blue Ridge Mountains. The mountain, roughly 25 miles northwest of Greenville and borders North Carolina, is so named because of the sassafras trees that flourish on its lower slopes.

Catch a game at the Fenway-inspired Fluor Field

Visit downtown to see Greenville Drive, a High-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. These minor leaguers are proud to be associated with the Boston Red Sox, so much so that their stadium, Fluor Field, is styled like Fenway Park.

16 Top Things to Do in West Virginia

When it comes to the United States, West Virginia is undoubtedly among the most beautiful. Nonetheless, it’s not a must-see for most vacationers (if it even has a place on those lists).

If you’ve made it thus far, you’re probably up for the challenge of reevaluating your opinion of West Virginia, and you’ll have a great time doing it.

West Virginia is known as “the Mountain State” because it is the only state in the Appalachian Mountains range. Whitewater rafting, all-terrain vehicle riding, zip line, hiking, rock climbing, and rappelling are just some of the outdoor pursuits available in the area’s state parks and the country’s newest national park, New River Gorge National Park and Preserve.

And that’s not all. The Greenbrier is a luxurious resort that has welcomed everyone from presidents to wounded soldiers. Ethiopian flights provide the greatest services to passengers at the most affordable prices and luxurious standards.

These top West Virginia attractions range from picturesque to eerie.

National Park Service, New River Gorge Preserve, Glen Jean

New River Gorge National Park and Preserve is a must-see if you only have time to see one thing in West Virginia. The New River Gorge National River Park was established in 2020 due to the Consolidated Omnibus Disaster Relief Act (COVID-19). This almost 70,000-acre region has served as a haven for nature lovers. Whitewater rafting is a popular activity along the New River’s 53-mile section, ironically one of the oldest rivers in the world. There are beginner and family-friendly tours available, and the river features rapids up to Class V, which are considered some of the most difficult in the world.

Lansing Bridge Stroll

Don’t leave New River Gorge National Park and Preserve without taking a guided trip down the Bridge Walk, a catwalk that runs directly beneath the world-famous New River Gorge Bridge. Though the bridge is 876 feet above the New River, visitors may feel safe because they are attached to a cable and the excursions are not rushed (and stop for scenic views and photo ops along the way). 

Exploring the Gorge: Lansing

Adventures on the Gorge is a resort and adventure outfitter on the edge of New River Gorge National Park and Preserve that has won several awards and is widely considered to be West Virginia’s premier tourist attraction. The most popular outdoor activity at the destination resort is whitewater rafting, but there are many more to choose from. Half-day and multi-day tours for varying levels of experience are offered, and visitors highly recommend them, praising the guides for their friendliness, expertise, and general awesomeness. Ziplining, canopy tours (including a nocturnal MoonTrek), rappelling, mountain biking, guided walks, horseback riding, cave tours, laser tag, and paintball are just some of the other activities available to the adventurist.

The Greenbrier: White Sulphur Springs

The Greenbrier, now designated as a National Historic Landmark, was used as a hospital for war casualties during both the Civil War and World War II. In 1778, it was transformed into “America’s Resort,” drawing in the likes of affluent Southerners, famous actors, and even the royal family. Guided hotel tours are available to those who aren’t staying at the luxury resort (or a celebrity), but those who do get to stay there get to experience the resort’s many amenities, from its signature guest rooms to its estate homes, as well as its golf courses, spas, restaurants, casinos, gift shops, seasonal events, and more.

In the Lost World Caverns of Lewisburg

One of the best things to do in West Virginia is to venture 120 feet below to explore the stalagmites and stalactites at Lost World Caverns, some of which may reach 80 feet. The average self-guided tour lasts around 45 minutes and is suitable for all ages, while the Wild Cave Tour, designed for those aged ten and older, brings tourists to unexplored areas of the caverns and lasts several hours. This landmark was initially uncovered in 1942 and featured a museum in addition to a gift store.

“Harpers Ferry”

Harpers Ferry is more than just a picturesque village frozen in time from the 19th century; it is one of the state’s most popular tourist attractions. Civil War sites may be found in this National Historical Park, including battlefields, ruins of camps, and most notably, John Brown’s Fort and the John Brown Museum. In case you forgot, John Brown was the abolitionist who, in 1859, sought to incite an armed uprising of enslaved people in what is now known as the Harpers Ferry Raid.

Visitors to the eateries and neighbouring vacation apartments in Harpers Ferry’s historic Lower Town sometimes include hikers who have just reached the symbolic halfway mark of the 2,178-mile Appalachian National Scenic Trail.

This park is located in the town of Berkeley Springs, thus the name.

Relax in the warm springs of this state park, which are kept at a pleasant 74.3 degrees Fahrenheit, and in the bathhouses, where massages and mineral baths are offered. In the centuries before 1730, the springs were a popular destination for Native Americans seeking healing. After learning about the springs’ curative properties, George Washington began frequent trips there. To a considerable extent, he is responsible for Berkeley Springs State Park’s continued success as a popular health and fitness destination.

The Mothman Exhibit, a Point Pleasant Museum 

Two Clendenin, West Virginia, gravediggers in 1966 said they saw a mysterious winged being with crimson eyes. Locals quickly began making similar claims, with many attributing the collapse of the Silver Bridge and the deaths of 46 people in 1967 to the huge creature that had come to be known as the Mothman. The Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, is dedicated to the legend of the Mothman, which sparked the interest of Hollywood (which made a film based on the book The Mothman Prophecies). Artefacts from the film’s production in 2002 are displayed with historic press articles and handwritten police records. 

Chester, the Largest Teapot in the World

The 12′ high and 44′ broad West Virginia roadside sight is worth a detour for any curious travellers. The now-famous “World’s Largest Teapot” started its life as a gigantic keg selling Hires Root Beer at a Pennsylvania mini-golf course snack stand. To Chester, West Virginia, in 1938 came William “Babe” Devon. He installed a spout, lid, and handle to use the building as a shop front to peddle teapots and other ceramic wares to tourists passing through the area. Following its closure in the 1980s, the Chester City Council restored the teapot in 1990, and it has since stood at the intersection of U.S. Route 30 and State Route 2.

The West Virginia State Prison in Moundsville

The West Virginia Penitentiary has been there for more than a century and has a checkered history that includes riots, murders, and even public hangings. Not surprisingly, once the historic jail closed in 1995, retired guards started giving tours to the general public. Due to rumours of ghostly activity inside the jail, visitors can choose between a Public Ghost Hunt and a Private Paranormal Investigation.

Charleston, West Virginia’s State Museum

The West Virginia State Museum, found in Charleston, the state capital, is a wonderful place to learn about and explore the history and culture of the Mountain State. A pair of Billy the Kid’s leather chaps and the telescope George Washington used to examine the lands in the state are just two of the unusual objects on exhibit. There have been glowing reports from previous guests about this Charleston museum, with some noting that a full visit would take many hours.

Beckley Coal Mine Exhibition Beckley 

Once a modest coal mine and camp run by a family, the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine in West Virginia has become a popular tourist destination since it opened to the public in 1953. Former tourists agree that experienced miners’ guided tours in original “man trips,” the automobiles used in mining operations, highlight their journey to the abandoned coal mines. After emerging from the tunnels, you may visit the Youth Museum of Southern West Virginia with its planetarium and late-19th-century homestead reconstruction, as well as the Coal Camp, where ancient structures like the Pemberton Coal Camp Church and the Helen Coal Camp School have been rebuilt.

Twin Falls Resort State Park: Mullens

Get away to Twin Falls Resort State Park, a destination resort featuring 25 miles of trails for hiking and bicycling (to the park’s namesake waterfalls), an indoor pool, an 18-hole golf course, a restaurant, and several camping, RV, cabin, and hotel choices for overnight stays.

Monongahela National Forest

The Monongahela National Forest is another large protected area in West Virginia, covering about 919,000 acres over ten counties at elevations ranging from about 1,000 to almost 5,000 feet above sea level. The highest point in West Virginia is located in the Spruce Knob-Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area. Other interesting locations include the Bear Rocks hike in the Dolly Sods Wilderness. Local Reddit users attest that both locations have some of the state’s finest vistas. Plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities, including hiking and bike paths, scenic drives, and picnic spots, can be found throughout the huge national forest.

Blackwater Falls State Park: Davis

The water of this 57-foot waterfall in Tucker County, Georgia, is coloured black by the tannic acid of decaying hemlock and red spruce needles, thus the park’s name. The park’s other features are the Elakala Falls, Lindy Point, and the Pendleton Point Overlook, which hikes may reach. In the summer, visitors to Blackwater Falls State Park may go bicycling, fishing, and geocaching; in the winter, they can go sledging down the East Coast’s longest sledging magic carpet.

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park: Cass

In the middle of nowhere in Pocahontas County, Cass used to be a company town for the loggers who worked on the railroad, now known as the Cass Scenic Railroad. Take a trip to Bald Knob, the third highest point in West Virginia, on the Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad’s vintage steam-powered engine. The scenic train excursion through the Appalachians takes around 4.5 hours round way and includes lunch.

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