4 Best Gadgets for University Students

Gadgets for University Students

Whether it is going to be your first day in the university or you are about to start another semester, you will need the right gadget to make the most of your learning. You do not need to buy high-tech gadgets that cost an arm and a leg. Simple gadgets could be as effective, with knowledge of how to use them.

A lot of gadgets are out there to help you, from laptops to mobile phones. Although you have already been using them, you might not be aware of how you can use them for your study purposes. This blog discusses five gadgets that you can use to make your learning smoother and faster:

Best gadgets to use as a university student

You might know some of the latest hardcore tech gadgets if you are tech-savvy. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford them, but you can make your learning experience wonderful by using ordinary gadgets. 

  • Laptops

If you do not have any, just buy. Do not fight shy of funding it with money loans in Ireland with no credit check. Most of the work will be carried out on a laptop, so it is important to have the right machine. 

Portability and screen size is the key to decision-making. Small screens look cute, but they are difficult to work with. The bigger the screen, the easier it is to work with. Do not forget to weigh up the weight. Heavy screens are not easy to handle either. 

An ideal screen size would be 13 inches or 14 inches. However, if you use monitors most of the time, a smaller screen should come in handy. Make sure that the display has a good resolution. RAM and storage also matter. 

You will need higher RAM and storage if you are to store high-resolution images and videos. Photographers, videographers, and designers often need computers with higher RAM and storage. Do proper research before buying. A lower price cannot serve as a basis for a good bargain as it may cost you a fortune in months to come. 

You can consider buying a bigger screen with higher storage and RAM if you have a bigger budget. Such laptops could come under €1,000. Such laptops have good battery life, and a one-time fully charged battery could survive for more than 15 hours, meaning you do not need to carry a charger with you.

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  • Smartphones

Yes, smartphones could help make your learning experience better. Most students do not realise a smartphone has not been just designed to make phone calls, watch streaming videos, and video calls someone. 

You can use them to make notes and create PDF, text, word and Doc files. During the lecture, you cannot jot down everything in your notebook. You can just click the image of important information shared in the classroom and safely store it on your mobile phone. 

You can record the lecture on your phone. As soon as the lecture is recorded, it is saved in the folder of audios. You can listen to it again as many times as you please. It the time to buy a smartphone, it is necessary to evaluate your needs.

For instance, while some rely on the Megapixels, you will likely make a decision based on RAM and storage. As you will use your mobile phone for study purposes, you should carefully analyse the RAM and storage capacity.

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  • Tablets

Tablets are portable and provide more features than a smartphone. You can find a lot of tablets out there, and fortunately, companies have whittled down their prices. It is not necessary to buy a tablet from Apple. 

A lot of competitive tablets are flooding the market and have more impressive features than Apple tablets. You can use it as a smartphone as well, so there is no need to own a mobile phone. Concerning educational needs, it will let you download a lot of apps.

As they generally have more storage space than a smartphone, you can download a couple of education apps. Those learning a new language may find tablets better than any other gadget as they can download many apps to improve their vocabulary and game apps to test their knowledge.

Finance is also an important aspect that you must focus on as a university student. You are to take care of your finances on your own, and it is likely that you will fail to handle your money properly. You can download many apps to help you budget, save, and invest. 

When you track your spending from starting, you will be less likely to run out of money, and therefore you will not need to take out fast cash loans in Ireland to fund your education-related expenses.

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  • Apps for making notes

Digital notes are the perfect way to take notes in the classroom. It is quite hard to retain every bit of information when attending a lecture. Although you are recording the lesson, you will still need to make a note of important points for a quick revision down the line.

Thankfully, there are many apps you can use to take notes without any hassle. Evernote is the best platform for images, audio recordings, etc. It is suitable for every type of device. It comes with monthly and annual subscriptions. The latter could help save some of the money.

If you do not sign up, use an alternative – OneNote. It offers almost the same features as Evernote, but you can store them in OneDrive only, which has a space of 5GB. If you need to access more space, of course, you will have to pay.

The Bottom Line

As a university student, you do not need expensive gadgets to improve your learning experience. Just try to know how you can make the most of existing gadgets. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and note-taking apps can help in a variety of ways. In addition, you can also use such gadgets to download apps to manage your finances.

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