7 Things Not To Hide From Your Auto Accident Lawyer

When you have been in a car accident, there are very few people that you can trust to genuinely help you through your court case.  This is where your auto accident lawyers in LA come into the picture and make everything easy for you. But still, it is not going to be you sailing smoothly through all of this. You will have to do your bit by being completely honest with your lawyer. Here are a few things that you should never hide from your car accident attorney in Los Angeles under any circumstances.

You must disclose all your injuries to your lawyer. You must talk about even the tiniest of injuries that you have sustained in this car accident. Your attorney must be aware of all the pains and aches that you are going through including the medical treatment that you have chosen at the nearest clinic or hospital. It is not a good idea to downplay your injuries or even forget anything by mistake or deliberately. All of that is going to hurt your case greatly which is not something you want. If you discover an injury or a medical complication a day later, get in touch with your lawyer immediately.

  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions If Any

Remember, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, they are going to impact your case in a very big manner. You should inform your auto accident lawyers in Los Angeles about the same development if it has taken place. This is going to impact the amount of compensation you receive tremendously which makes it even more important. But remember, you should not depict your pre-existing medical condition as an occurrence resulting from that accident.

  • Have You Been In An Accident Before?

This is going to make a lot of difference in how easily you are able to claim compensation for your damages. If you have been involved in a car accident before this accident or if you have made other insurance claims in the past, your lawyer should be aware of this little yet critical detail. Withholding any such information is going to damage your credibility and the probability of you being able to obtain adequate damages from the party at fault. The court might look at it in a completely different light, especially if the previous accident was a result of your carelessness or rash driving.

  • Criminal History, If Applicable

Some people may have a criminal background or incriminating history. Having been a part of any such legal proceedings can impact your case drastically. If you are seeking compensation for lost wages or other damages, this little detail must be disclosed to your Los Angeles auto accident lawyers immediately.

  • Statements Made By You To An Insurance Company

This is a mistake a lot of people end up making. If you have made any statements to an insurance company or probably to the other driver. You need to disclose the same information to your lawyer. It also includes all the recorded statements that you may have made in the past during the course of the legal proceedings. Everything that you speak is going to impact your case and might slow it down or speed it up for you.

  • Refrain From Using Social Media

Anybody in the city would advise you to refrain from using social media under any circumstances, especially when you have been in a car accident. However, if you have posted anything on your social media profiles such as Facebook or Instagram, or Twitter, your lawyer needs to know about all that. This also includes any pictures or videos that you have shared before the accident and after the accident as well.  If you have done that, take them down immediately and inform your lawyer about the same.

  • Inform Him About Any Potential Evidence Or Witness

This is a very critical piece of information and your car accident attorney in Los Angeles should be made aware of it without any second thought. If you come across any witness or any potential piece of evidence that may support your claim. And help you get compensation for your damages. You need to convey that to your lawyer instantly. This may include photos, videos, or even any individuals who have probably tried to contact you regarding the scene of the accident. They may have critical information that can potentially strengthen your case.


Final Thoughts

These were a few critical details that you should never hide from your lawyer. Remember, a car accident will always be intimidating. Dealing with the legal process of obtaining your rightful compensation can be even more so. But you have your auto accident lawyers in Los Angeles with you.

Elizabeth Barton
Elizabeth Barton
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