8 Things You Did Not Know About Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign Aligners

Crooked or misaligned teeth are common – most people have them. Your crooked teeth may haunt you even in your dreams and you wish to get straighter and more aligned teeth with a perfect smile. 

While braces are the go-to solution for these kinds of dental issues, modern dental technology has opened up countless avenues for people like you. If it suits, you can make the most of Invisalign London treatment – a revolutionary tool to straighten your teeth, no matter how disoriented they are. 

While traditional metal braces leave you with a lack of confidence, Invisalign retainers are transparent and invisible. No one is going to realize if you are wearing them. That’s the kind of thing everyone loves about Invisalign

But before you decide to get those clear aligners to give a boost to your self-confidence, make sure you give this comprehensive guide a quick read. Make the most of your treatment and enjoy a happier, healthier and straighter smile. 

Wear Your Aligners As Much As You Can 

It is a no-brainer and a non-negotiable too. You have no option but to wear the aligners as long as you can. Yes, it is that easy. But most people do not take this seriously and end up getting delayed, unsatisfactory results even after spending their hard-earned money on the treatment. 

This should not be the case for you. You got to do what experts and your orthodontist ask you to do. Wearing your clear aligners as much as possible means you are putting effort to accelerate the Invisalign results and reduce the time of treatment. 

The more you wear them, the quicker your teeth will get adjusted to them. Unless you need to ear, drink, brush or floss, refrain from taking them out. 

And the more time you put them on, the less you will feel that you have them. It feels like there is nothing in your mouth and you are all good! Isn’t it great?

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Worry Not! It Takes Time To Get Used to Them

It is all about practising kindness when you decide to put these things in your mouth. Be kind to yourself and make peace with the fact that it is going to affect your speech at first. 

However, there is nothing you should worry about. As time goes by, you will feel a lot more confident talking with them. 

You are going to feel the discomfort only in the first few days after putting them on for the first time. It is just a natural reaction that does not need you to worry about. 

While it is tempting to remove them while talking to people, your best course of action should be to keep them in. The more you take them out of your mouth, the more it will hamper your speech when you put them back again.

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Treatment Length Varies 

It is in your best interest if you knew how long the Invisalign treatment is going to last. For adults, the treatment time can last about a year or so. However, this depends on the current condition of your teeth and the nature of the treatment. 

For example, if you have got teeth that are slightly misaligned, or you have got one or two out-of-place teeth, it will not take more than a few months. If not, the treatment can last longer. 

You Get Faster Results Than Traditional Braces

More and more people are falling in love with Invisalign aligners because of their ability to deliver faster results. This is the USP of this treatment and this is the reason why they sell like hotcakes. 

You will usually get a pre-arranged set of transparent aligner trays. Thereafter, you will need to keep changing them every 2 weeks. Your orthodontist will guide you on the number of trays you will need for the entire procedure. They are the best person to tell you how much time the treatment will take for you.

N.B: Some tend to seek affordable ways to straighten their teeth and end up losing more money in correcting them all over again. So, it is best not to get into the trap of fraud while searching for the latest Invisalign offers in London.

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Flossing Makes It Perfect

We floss every day out of habit, but most do not. With Invisalign, you cannot help but floss every day. So, why not get into the habit of flossing and maximize the results? 

With the retainers on, it becomes all the more important to keep your gums and teeth clean and without flossing you barely achieve that dream. You do not want to end up dealing with plaque and bacteria buildup. After all, this is going to affect the results of your Invisalign treatment in London which would be the last thing you want. 

So, by hook or crook, you need to floss every day. But only flossing is not enough, you need to follow the right technique as well to enhance the results. Learn about the correct flossing technique at your consultation with the orthodontist.

Remember To Clean Your Aligners

If you are reading this point, we bet you have made the decision of undergoing the treatment. If so, can we ask, “How far would you go to enhance and reap the benefits of the treatment?” We know you will go to extreme lengths to achieve that beautiful smile in no time. 

But to ensure your smile turns out to be perfect at the end of the treatment, make sure you take great care of your clear aligners. This means you need to clean them every day. Ask your orthodontist about the right cleaning solution to use for cleaning your aligners. 

There Are Attachments Available to Accelerate the Results

Attachments (commonly known as Invisalign buttons) are for those willing to get results quicker. 

Essentially, they are little button-like things, which are designed to attach to a tooth along with the Invisalign tray. No one can spot them, so there is no need to worry. 

You Will Need A Retainer

If you are the kind of a person who would prefer people would not to notice anything on your teeth and want to achieve results quickly, Invisalign is any day a great option. 

While Invisalign does a great job of straightening your teeth, you are the one who needs to ensure the aligners stay that way. Your orthodontist will give you a retainer which you will have to wear every night. 

Without these retainers, you are hardly going to see effective results quickly. Now it is your decision whether or not you want to undergo the nighttime treatment and accelerate your results. 

At Bayswater Dental Clinic, we are dedicated to offering patients all sorts of dental solutions at competitive prices. If you have any queries related to the treatment, get in touch!

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