Application to Fujian Medical University to study MBBS in China

Study MBBS in China

As part of its mission to investigate disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, carry out scientific research and development, nurture future medical students, and offer healthcare and social services, Fujian Medical University provides a multidisciplinary and multilevel medical education system. International students frequently choose Fujian MedicalUniversity as their top option for Study MBBS in China.

Introduction of Fujian Medical University:

In 1937, Fujian Medical University (FJMU) was established. It has evolved over 77 years into a provincial educational facility that combines instruction, scientific research, medical care, and social services while churning out bachelor’s, master’s, and Doctorate degrees. The institution is situated in the provincial capital of Fujian, Fuzhou. Currently, it consists of the Taijiang and Shangjie campuses. Nowadays, there are 20 schools and departments within the university, which provide 24 undergraduate programs, 29 doctoral programs, 63 master programs, and 5 authorized master’s degree specialties.

Additionally, it has 30 clinical teaching hospitals and 16 linked hospitals, creating a largely full system for clinical education. The National Education Ministry has identified FMU as the university that is authorized to accept international applicants for its English-taught medical programs since 2008. FJMU received approval in 2011 to admit students receiving government scholarships to study MBBS in China.

Institutional Recognition:

Almost 160 organizations and 700 individuals from Japan, the United States, and other countries have visited the institution during the past five years, giving lectures and engaging in other academic activities. WHO also recognizes FJMU. The Medical Licensing Exams offered by the medical councils in many nations, such as NMC, PMDC, USMLE, HPCSA, SCHS, etc., are open to study MBBS in China.

Showcased Programmes:

Foreign students who applied for this pre-medical program will be allowed to study MBBS in China for 4 months before having the option to receive a scholarship that will cover the first year of tuition for the MBBS program. The program and scholarship specifics are as follows:

Prerequisites for Admission to Pre-Medical Programs:

Non-Chinese citizens who are at least 18 years old and under 29 years old, have a senior high school diploma or higher, are in good academic standing, are in good physical and mental health, are majoring in medicine, have a qualified command of the English language, and have not broken any Chinese laws.

Certificate of English proficiency
IELTS or TOEFL, for instance, are only available to applicants whose first language is not English.
A scan of the genuine, current passport (pages with photo and address)
Passport photographs, third
An up-to-date passport-size image of the applicant
A scanned copy of the authentic transcripts from the most advanced studies, along with a certificate that has been notarized,
Academic records that are not in Mandarin or English should be translated into those languages and notarized as proof.
Scan a copy of the highest degree, diploma, or certificate of completion along with a notarized copy.
All diplomas issued in a language other than Chinese or money should be translated into Chinese or English and notarized to prove their authenticity.
Certificate of no criminal history
Foreigner Physical Examination Record.

This must be completed in English and printed by the Chinese quarantine administration. All of the elements on the Physical Examination Record for Foreigners must be covered during the physical exams. Forms that are not fully completed, without a photo of the applicant or a photo that has been sealed, the hospital’s official stamp, or the attending physician’s signature are invalid. The validity of the medical report is six months.
Advice for applicants who are already in China:

If you are an employee, you must still present your current residence visa and an employment separation certificate. If you are a student, you must present your current residence permit as well as the transfer certificate, leaving certificate, and certificate of attendance rate issued by your prior school.

Scholarship Protection:

New student price: 35000 RMB
The scholarship will be given to students during their first year if they meet the HSK requirement of 3 or higher and pay their tuition fees first.
The amount you must pay after receiving a scholarship (RMB)
Education: 0 Rooms: 4,000
Cost of Living: 2000

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