The Best Colors of Granite Countertops For Kitchen

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite countertops are trendy because of their durability and elegance. When it comes time to sell, a kitchen with granite countertops can provide a significant return on investment.  It is no secret that buyers concentrate on the kitchen, and many are more than happy to pay more for homes with updated kitchens that feature high-quality materials like granite. 

Beyond the typical browns, grays, and tans, numerous other alternatives exist when picking a granite countertop color.  Finding the right color countertop is not a big deal because retailers of granite countertops offer a wide range of colors and textures at affordable prices.

Here are our top five choices for granite countertop colors.

Use black granite countertops in your kitchen if you want them to look sophisticated. For a more traditional appearance, pair them with wood cabinets; alternatively, choose white or gray cabinets for a sleeker, more contemporary appearance.

Black countertops work best in rooms with big windows that let in lots of natural light since they will darken the area. Choose white or light wood cabinets to keep the space open and bright; if your kitchen doesn’t get much natural light, you still want black granite. Moreover, black granite frequently contains silver flecks that will reflect some light in the area.


White granite countertops help give the kitchen a light, airy, and fresh atmosphere. These are great for giving off a contemporary vibe, especially with sleek white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. Yet, for a classic feel, white granite can also look fantastic with old-fashioned devices.

White granite countertops are pretty adaptable and go with most types of design. Therefore, be sure to take note of the granite’s color. Due to the presence of color specks in most stones, pure white granite is uncommon. Bring a sample home before purchasing to ensure the color scheme complements everything else in your kitchen remodel.


A long history exists for red granite. It was utilized by the Egyptians to build and decorate, and it may be found in the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Moreover, it is available in various hues and patterns, from vivid pinkish-red to deep burgundy. Blue, white, or silver accents can also be found in red granites.

Put red granite in your kitchen to create a striking focal point. Keep the other finishes neutral to keep the room from feeling too crowded. Use warm-toned wood cabinetry to go with the red color. And to unify the area, add red touches like the backsplash tile.


Green granite may provide a kitchen with a natural and relaxing atmosphere because it is closely related to nature. Brown and gray undertones are frequently found in green granite. It often has intriguing flakes, swirls, and patterns as well.

White cabinets and polished hardware go well with green granite countertops for a bright, inviting appearance. They also go well with wood cabinets, particularly if the wood color has colder tones that go well with the green. Take a sample of the granite home before deciding because various lighting will reveal different shades of green.

For instance, something that appears gray-green in the store may appear more pea-green after it is placed in your kitchen.


Blue granite is prized for the grace of its patterns, and it does not disappoint. There are two types of designs on it: veined and homogenous. Homogenous granite has an even distribution of its constituent minerals, whereas veined granite has swirls caused by mineral distribution.

Most blue granites have bases that are both black and blue. But some have floors that are gray, white, or brown. Their color can range from a pale silvery blue to a dark blue that almost looks black. Blue granite can complement various cabinet colors thanks to its broad color spectrum. For instance, a light blue-gray with white cabinetry might look gorgeous in a modern or farmhouse-style kitchen.

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Because of the time and money required for installation and the visual impact of your kitchen or bathroom countertop, it may be your most significant décor decision. The color selection process can begin once you have selected the ideal countertop material for your residence. 

By keeping your wall paint color and other kitchen accessories in mind, you can pick the correct color for your countertops and make them look their best. You can easily buy high-quality, affordable Granite countertops in Wisconsin without breaking the bank!

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