Best SEO A/B Testing Method That Increases Website Traffic

Best SEO AB Testing Method That Increases Website Traffic

A/B testing is very important in SEO tactics. If you want to increase your website ranking organically but don’t know what strategy you should use, then you have come to the right place. A/B testing is a method of comparing versions A or B to show which version is more beneficial for website ranking. So let’s know more about it in this article.

Why is A/B Testing So Important

A/B testing is the best SEO strategy for people who want their websites to rank quickly. Because if you do A/B testing it will benefit from user experience and marketers can learn SEO strategies which website layouts really benefit customers. If you find A/B SEO testing difficult, SEO experts can also do this job. Apart from this, if you are looking for the best SEO in Boise, contact Boise SEO.

A/B Testing Process

Check Your Data

First, you need to examine the data using the analysis tool you are using. Because this data will help you analyze your initial website traffic and ranking, keywords impressions, and clicks.

Identify Your Goals

After collecting data from analytics tools create a goal that you want to increase website ranking organically. Goals can be impressions, CTR, sign-ups, product purchases, and anything else.

Create Hypothesis

Once you identify the goal, you need to find new ideas for A/B testing. For that, you can check the position of your competitors and what methods they are using. You can do this with the help of many tools.

Make Different Variations

Once you have created a hypothesis, you now have to create versions A and B. For example, if you changed the title and meta description and added some statistical words to your blog post, consider it your preferred version. On the other hand, consider changes to the title and meta description that add some effective wording as the B version of your choice.

Wait for Results and Analyze

Wait for the results after you apply versions A and B but one thing to remember is don’t apply both versions at once. When you create version A, check for 3-4 days then you will get the result then change the web page version from A to B and wait for another 3-4 days. Finally, analyze versions A and B to see which one works better. So you will get a new strategy for your website ranking. You can also SEO site audit on your website.

A/B Testing & SEO

No Cloaking

Cloaking is a gray hat technique that shows different results to users and search engine spider bots. If you are still clocking you will not get the perfect results you want. Because clocking is demoted to user experience.

Use rel=” canonical”

If you run A/B testing of your website you should use rel = “canonical”.

Use 302 Redirect Instead of 301

You should use a 302 (temporary) redirect instead of a 301 (permanent) redirect when your A/B testing process is underway and a redirect is needed. Because you may make changes to check the results on your web page. Continue reading about What Are Some Good YouTube to Mp3 Sites for Mobile Devices.

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