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tarsar marsar


The most astonishing trek of Indian Himalayas, the time tourist spend here are ethereal. The trek starts in the valley of Aru. The scene of Pine trees and the walk-in hill is just a scene to the eyes. Tarsar lake is an almond shape situated between Sindh and Lidder Kilometres. The Tarsar lake is at an altitude of 12,000 feet and the reflection observed on a nice sunny day are awesome. The turquoise-blue colour of the lake makes it all more beautiful. It is a part of the twin lake trek of the Tarsar Marsar lake, Royal Basmati lake, and Kolahoi Mount combination. This is an ideal trek for beginners. If the weather supports you then the scenery all along the way is spectacular. These lakes are situated 3 kilometres and 5kilometrese away from the village of Nagberan. The location of Tarsar Marsar is 20 kilos metres to the east of Kola hoi mountain in the Anantnag district, Jammu and Kashmir. The exotic Tarsar Marsar lake location and eye catchy landscape of the area are the two things that made people crazy about the trek. 

The water is so crystal clear that the sky is visible in it. Add the Sundarsar lake which is in midway and Sonmasti waterfall a little ahead of Marsar. The twin sisters flow in opposite orientations, the Tarsar merge with the Lidder River and Marsar joins to  Aru.

Marsar is known by another name the Death lake. Legend believes that nob had returned alive whenever stayed overnight on the banks of lake Marsar. This lake has a very peaceful serene atmosphere different from the Tarsar. Nevertheless, Marsar is still very an alpine lake hidden deep amidst tall mountains all around.

Tarsar Marsar Trek

Tarsar Marsar Trek being one of the famous and closest to the heart trek of Kashmir and gives the visitors a different experience. The  Twin sisters as being parallel, offers a parallel kind of view. Tarsar get multiple sights of the same lake. Marsar which remains hidden under a layer of clouds.

But the lake can only be seen when the sky  is clear.

Best Time to trek 

The Trek is great for the one who have a great passion for trekking. The trek being the moderate is suitable for beginners. 

Best time to trek this beautiful place is June to last of September. The more specific weather to make your journey memorable is the month of June. The pleasant time in colourful bugyal weather ,green lush landscape. Snow found in abundance, nothing to get disappointed which makes your trek very memorable.


Transition in weather by changing weather

During the day  the temperature of the Tarsar Marsar Trek is  around 5 degrees to 15 degrees and during the night the temperature fall till 3 degrees to 5 degrees .The snow cover melts in may to June, leaving behind pleasant view during windows of tour.

Tarsar Marsar Trek has lately became the addition among Monsoon Trek which is gaining the attention of the trekkers .The Alpine lake, green meadows with wildflowers during monsoon which changes. The wide swathes of green lush makes the trail conclude all the desires of related flavours a trek must provide.

After mid September the green meadows fades away and get yellowish .From October as the autumn sets in the weather gets cold .The changing weather gets Autumn foliage in Giant Chinar trees which are the closest family of Maple.

The upper valley of Pahalgam the temperature will be less so the probability for rain gets higher.

The temperature gets constantly warmer side of the scale and it is conductive for trekking between July to September 


Will it be raining ?

 During the monsoon time all over the country, Kashmir gets prohibited by the monsoon winds. The monsoon generally  knocks at the valley starting month of January to April due to the western  disturbances. But that conditions never stick over weather as it all at the end is wind .Expect some rain during the monsoon weather ,though its  not gone rain heavily but do have some safety measures. The rain showers ,afternoon showers ,thunderstorms usually not last long .This sudden change is way common in mountains but are a rare sights for daylong  rains. You can expect to experience rain in your 7 days trek. So do carry raincoats as t may feel like not wearing warm jackets ,while walking until it hits a wind, cloud, very windy .So carrying a waterproof layer is a must for all. You can also consider carrying a quick dry base layer or a dry -fit-T-shirt. During the months of July and August gets sometimes windy so a windproof cum waterproof with hood as the outer layer is great option, waterproof trekking shoes are  a must to carry.

Have a safe and thrilling Journey and don’t forget to keep a check on weather. 


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