Buy or Rent Excavators at Affordable Prices

The infra industry has largely benefited from heavy-duty equipment. To substantiate, equipment like excavators have upscaled several infra projects in India. This machine significantly facilitates a wide range of tasks. For example, it can be used to quarry out minerals and other resources.

Additionally, excavators help dig the ground for building foundations in construction projects. Moreover, the equipment can help in carrying heavy loads with ease.

Featuring 2 Best Excavators from Tata Hitachi
Tata Hitachi EX 70 Super Plus Excavator

This is one of the high-performing excavators in India from Tata Hitachi. This is undoubted because its remarkable features deliver quality performance. To begin with, the machine has an operating weight of 7000 kg. This particular spec ensures maximum work output at construction & mining sites. Additionally, the high-performing engine of this heavy-duty equipment generates up to 55 HP.

Moreover, this tata hitachi excavator model can facilitate tasks like digging & quarrying with 4150 mm of dig depth capacity. Furthermore, this machine can load heavy materials at once with a 0.68 cum bucket capacity. Above all, the Tata Hitachi EX 70 Super Plus price is quite reasonable, given the model’s features. To illustrate, it costs between Rs. 30-32 Lakh in India.
Tata Hitachi EX 110 Excavator

This model from Tata Hitachi soon became infra professionals’ first choice for excavators. Rightly so, the machine has surpassed major work output expectations, thanks to its massive operating weight of 11600 Kg. Additionally, the model can produce up to 75 HP with its powerful engine.

Further interesting to note is its dig depth capacity of 4720 mm. This feature significantly upscales work productivity while reducing downtime in operations. Furthermore, the Tata Hitachi Ex 110 price range is between Rs. 46-48 Lakh in India. Hence, the model’s features and reasonable pricing have made this excavator one of the best-selling machines in India.

Are you planning to buy an excavator to facilitate a large project or for a smaller one? Well, whatever be your requirement, we cover it all at InfraJunction.

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