7 Condo Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Swear By

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Condo living is for comfort and convenience. No wonder more and more people are switching to condo living due to its strategic dimensions and fewer maintenance hassles. With more and more people investing in condominiums and beating the odds of living in small places, remodeling should be on the cards. But wait! Hold on! You cannot have it all together. If you don’t have another option to shift elsewhere during renovation, it’s time you prioritise the tasks.

Take a close look at the condo and decide how you want to go about the renovation project. Being the heart of the home, an updated kitchen is something you might be looking forward to. So, why not start with that? It may seem a big step initially but condo renovations in Vancouver BC get better if you pinpoint the right builder for this work.

Here are 7 condo kitchen renovation ideas that work.

Condo kitchen upgrades to consider –

  1. Build up
  2. When redesigning the kitchen during condo renovations Vancouver, try to get the most out of the entire height of the walls to ensure that you get maximum storage space. Similarly, if you want to change the layout a bit since this is your first remodeling after moving into the condominium, do away with your craving for more space with double-stacked cabinets, shelves, and racks for pots to create a clean look in a small kitchen.

    However, if you already have cabinets installed in the kitchen, a more responsive idea would be to repaint them. Keeping in mind that cabinets undergo maximum wear and tear, it is natural for them to look worn out and dull. Use a pastel shade to coat them with Paint and watch your storage area transform radically. If you have the budget for additional expenses, replace them with contemporary and flat cabinets to create a flair that no one will overlook.

  3. Switch to brighter shades
  4. It’s a small world, so try to make your kitchen look brighter and better with motivating shades of blue, red, yellow, and green. The bright shades are ideal for condominiums as it makes the kitchen look bigger than it is. Don’t forget the accent colours through proper lighting fixtures, backsplash, cabinets, countertops, or cabinetry. Get the cost estimate from your builder and go about making changes as much as you can.

  5. Change the flooring
  6. Condo kitchen renovation will stay half-filled without your imagination running wild and this one has to come through the floors. It’s time you get rid of the old kitchen flooring ideas and switch to something more stylish and ideas that are typically in this year. Fortunately, the smaller size of the condo kitchen gives you better opportunities to tag in pricier materials. Pick from cork, tile, hardwood floors, or white oak to make the kitchen look genuinely stylish. Make sure you calculate the cost of condo renovation to stay within your budget for the kitchen part.

  7. Introduce green plants
  8. Living in a condominium gives you no opportunity for landscaping. But don’t fret or regret your investment. Introduce small green and potted plants in the kitchen and place them in the corners of the countertop, the window sills, or still better on the top of the cabinets to create a green kitchen.

  9. Place rugs
  10. In smaller condominiums, placing rugs is a thing you need to implement to create segments in a common area. The same idea needs to apply to kitchens as well. For instance, place a rug between the kitchen and the dining area to make the space look larger with ease. Roadhouse Homes is one of the best condo renovation companies to surface when you search for companies in Vancouver. They have been into renovation for several years and naturally have the matching expertise to pull your project the right way and resonate with your needs.

  11. Change the faucets
  12. What’s a kitchen remodelling in a condominium without changing the faucets? This one is going to be difficult and keeping in mind the wear and tear, you need to make it striking. The good news is that modern faucets are more efficient and designed to reduce water wastage. Therefore, you can walk a step closer to nourishing the planet as well.

  13. Create an open layout
  14. Open kitchens look more spacious with excellent functionality. You can add more seating areas to turn it into a multifunctional dining space.

You need not sacrifice your design preferences during home renovations in Vancouver BC; instead, make it sleeker and more stylish. Pick the ideas above to wow your guests with fine kitchen renovation and make the daily chores a pleasure.

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