Dry Cleaning Services In New York: Then Vs. Now

dry cleaners in NYC

You must have had a not-so-good experience with your local dry cleaning services at least once in your life. This experience has been portrayed several times, often hilariously, in various movies and tv shows such as Seinfeld. The mixup at the dry cleaning leading to the frustrating loss of one’s favorite clothes is a universal thing after all. Perhaps no one in the world is as familiar with this feeling as much as the New Yorkers. People of the city have felt the need for good dry cleaners in NYC for a long time. Against this backdrop, many new players have entered the business who have completely changed the perception of dry cleaning in the city.

How The Internet Has Changed The Dry Cleaning Business

This is the age of the internet and things are moving at a rapid pace. The world is connected like never before and every aspect of our lives has been impacted by the advent of technology. Many old and decrepit businesses have been shut and newer ways of production have emerged which has changed the way we see the world. Even traditional businesses like laundry services have to reinvent themselves with technological progress. For example, it is quite common to see dry cleaning services building their online presence with websites that schedule pickup and delivery as well as an electronic scanning mechanism to identify and package the clothes after washing to be delivered to the customer’s doorstep.  Compare this to the time when the clothes had to be taken to the laundry shop physically and one had to carry the receipt to take it back when the job was done. There was always the chance of peoples’ clothes getting mixed up with others as the efficient management of the owners was the deciding factor in timely delivery.

Things are much smoother in the digital age as all the above-mentioned things are now stories of the past. Now the whole process is completed quickly and efficiently with much better systems in place that eliminate the scope of human errors to a large extent. Imagine sitting in the comfort of your home and the cleaning service sends an agent to pick up your clothes, then wash them according to the instructions already provided by you on the website. You can give specific instructions to the cleaning service provider depending on the type of clothes and the detergent to be used. Some dry cleaners in NYC even let you choose the detergent to be used on your clothes the way you want it! No one could have imagined this kind of comfortable service from a dry cleaner back then.

Features Of The Modern Dry Cleaners

Be it sorting the customers’ clothes, getting them cleaned with an eco-friendly detergent, and folding them remarkably to return the clothes all fresh and new at your home, the modern-day cleaning service has come a long way. This has predominantly happened due to increased consumer expectations as well as huge competition among businesses to stay on top of their game. Information reaches quickly on social media and online reviews influence consumer behavior. This has some inherent benefits as companies are mindful of consumer satisfaction and are willing to go the extra mile to retain them.

  • Improved management: The organization of cleaning services has improved a lot. You can now visit the website of a wash and fold in NYC and schedule a pick-up time according to your convenience. The agent would arrive on time and pick up your clothes. After the clothes are sent to the shop, the clothes are scanned using an electric scanner for better record-keeping. The items are then sorted according to color and sensitivity. All the instructions are followed properly before the clothes are sent to wash such as checking the pockets diligently for money or useful documents and pre-treating any fresh and visible stains.
  • Better cleaning: The clothes are washed with powerful or soft detergents depending upon the nature of the clothes. All types of clothes are washed either on machines or hand washed if the material is fragile. For instance, washing wedding gowns and couture wardrobe is a difficult task and these have to be handled with extreme care and can’t be washed like normal clothes. Removing tough mustard or chocolate stains from suede can also be a challenging task and have to be washed separately. The advancements in chemical detergents have significantly raised washing efficiency and many companies use biodegradable solvents that don’t cause water pollution.
  • Time saver: Of all the advantages that modern-day cleaning service providers give you, the best among them is the time that is saved during the entire process. From booking your order to paying online, you can get your clothes picked up, washed, folded, and delivered to you in a matter of a few clicks.

Key Takeaway

The services of  wash and fold in NYC have improved a lot. Earlier people either waited for a long time in laundromat queues or were at the mercy of dry cleaning retailers who would often ruin their clothes with careless washing without properly sorting the fragile clothes separately. People’s clothes got mixed up all the time but ever since the adoption of technology like the internet and the progress in washing equipment and detergents, newer cleaning service companies have emerged that have brought about a major change in the dry cleaning business. The services have improved significantly and the pick-up and delivery have become prompt.

Elizabeth Barton
Elizabeth Barton
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