Fundamentals of Mechanical Repair of Electric Motors

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AsIn any mechanical repair, the ability to properly disassemble, repair and reassemble the engine without unnecessarily damaging any parts is critical. This sounds simple. However, if all engines come in “like new”, it leads to too many costly mistakes during the disarming process. The task would be simpler, although this would not guarantee proper engine mounting. When a service centre is paid to repair equipment, they aim to ensure it remains in working order. This is because if the equipment fails within the warranty period, they will be responsible for the cost of repairing it again. So it makes sense to get the repair right the first time.

Repair procedures, as well as the engines themselves, are affected by changes in technology. In many cases, traditional repair methods may still be the most practical alternative. The options presented throughout this book aim to help technicians select the correct repair method, recognizing that the equipment owner makes the final decision. Sometimes repair methods fall out of favour, not because better ways appear, but because of poor techniques. Other repair methods are suitable for some applications but not for others. The repairman’s job is to decide the best method for each case.

The work is divided into sections for basic engine components, with repair methods and tips scattered throughout. We also discuss causes of failure wherever practical. This will help technicians select the most appropriate repair method for each application. The information presented is based on publications, technical journals, and literature supplied by an electric motor repair shop near me.

Important tools for the maintenance of electric motors

All industries have electric motors within their operation, so it is essential to have key tools that allow them to attend to most repairs that this equipment needs. Eelectric motor repair denver co is going to name three of these tools that should be considered in your budget anyway.

  1. Fast and safe bearing disassembly

    You may be investing excessive time in the disassembly of electric motor bearings, and you are not aware of it because you have never proven the time that you can save with a correct extractor and especially everything if it is hydraulic. It has a hydraulic kit for extracting bearings that will greatly help with maintenance tasks. The TMBH 110E is of great help:

  1. Mounting of quality bearings

    Most electric motor repairs are related to bearing replacement, which implies prioritizing an assembly tool. Depending on the adjustment, you can use a cold mounting kit such as the TMFT 36, which is a kit of quite an accessible price. However, with a little more investment, they can acquire an induction heater that allows us to intervene in motors of different sizes.

  1. Nothing will last without correct lubrication

    After the change of bearings, lubrication is one of the last steps for the maintenance of electric motors. The correct functioning of the motor depends on giving due importance to this step. After mounting, it is best to perform electric motor repair to apply grease directly with the LAGP 400 tool, ensuring the bearing receives impurity-free grease.

When to repair or replace an electric motor?

When an electric motor fails, the decision to repair or replace it involves a series of considerations that we will analyze below. As evaluating whether to repair or replace a failed electric motor, it is important to first take into account that, in general, there are three types of electric motors.

i) Manufacturers keep General Purpose motors in stock and can deliver them immediately, often offering quick modifications to add certain accessories.
ii) Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) generally protect motors that have a special design and are used by them.
iii) Manufacturers do not stock Special Manufacture motors, which are tailored to the application, and often have long delivery times.

Laminated Core Analysis

Assuming the engine is repairable. the baseline analysis (or initial cost approach) is to repair the engine to its original specifications. One of the most commonly used considerations is the repair cost. As a general rule, experts suggest fitting a new motor when the cost of repair exceeds 65-70% of the cost of a new higher efficient motor.

However, the decision involves considering factors beyond just the repair cost. For example, the impact on efficiency. It should be considered that heat is used in the repair process to soften the windings for stator removal. The use of a controlled temperature will avoid possible damage to the interlaminar insulation of the iron core so that there is no increase in magnetic losses.

Therefore, it is recommended to test the laminated core before following a rewinding process, as indicated by electric motor repair denver co.

The Core Loss Test establishes the maximum recommended loss level in W/kg. If this level is exceeded, it is suggested to not repair the engine and proceed with the change. However, if the motor is not in stock and there is no spare functional part available, repairing it becomes necessary.

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