Here are five reasons laser treatment for hair removal is life-changing.

Here are five reasons laser treatment for hair removal is life-changing.

Here are five reasons laser treatment for hair removal is life-changing.

No one wants unwanted hair on their body except on the head, hence the need and desire to eliminate unwanted hair have accelerated the global demand for laser treatment, which is expected to hit a rate of 18.65% from 2021 to 2028. Laser hair removal refers to the removal of dark/coarse or ingrown hairs from a person’s body by exposure to laser light. Laser light frequencies like 810nm Diode, 1064nm NdYag, and 755 Alexandrite only target the melanin in the hair follicle. The hair follicle containing the melanin absorbs the light energy and burns, destroying the root and shaft of the hair. Laser hair removal has a lot of worldwide scientific evidence showing its safety and efficiency. There is absolutely no effect on your skin after the procedure as the laser only targets the hair bulb.

Here we are sharing five reasons why Laser hair removal in dehradun treatment is life-changing:

1. Eliminate Ingrown Hairs
Ingrown hairs are the worst, but there is an answer to laser removal. The laser targets the hair bulb, so ingrown hairs are best targeted. It removes hair from the roots to get smooth skin.

2. Quick and accurate
Laser is the fastest way to get rid of unwanted hair. At least 6-8 sessions are required to see 80-90% results and provide you with a long-term solution. The latest hair removal devices such as the Alma Soprano Titanium and the Triton Diolease by Inmode Aesthetics, available at Dr. Karishma Aesthetics, have superfast treatment times with 3D technology, which removes hair roots very quickly and precisely without damaging the skin specifically targeted. The treatment of one area can be as fast as 7-10 minutes and the whole body laser treatment can be done within 2-3 hours. Each session is repeated once in 6-8 weeks / depending on hair growth. Areas like bikini/face/underarms require maintenance sessions. But, within the first few sessions, you will notice that your hair is getting lighter, and less thick.

3. Get Smoother Skin
A laser is a great way to achieve clearer, smoother skin, as the laser light targets the root of the hair precisely, resulting in the resolution of ingrown hairs. The laser beam focuses on the hair follicle, destroys the hair, absorbs the existing pigment, and helps to remove the dark hair. Unlike waxing, tweezing, and other methods, laser hair removal leaves no chance for those pesky hairs to grow back.

4. Laser is a long-term solution
Due to the 3D technology in lasers, multiple laser lights are combined into a single probe, simultaneously targeting different tissue depths. This means that different levels within the skin are targeted at once, allowing for more effective treatment – and leaving the skin hair-free for longer. Laser’s long-lasting results make it a cost-effective option, as you only need a few removal sessions. In contrast, waxing, razoring, or tweezing requires a lifetime of opportunities to provoke ingrown hairs and coarse hairs. Shaving/waxing creates friction that often has to be reapplied and has been known to cause a chicken skin appearance (keratosis pilaris).

5. Laser is less painful than other methods
All the latest lasers feature super cool and comfortable technology (Ice Plus Cooling System built into devices) that is uniquely designed to keep your skin cool throughout the session, making the treatment virtually painless. These lasers have been shown to be safe for all skin types, including dark skin tones. In contrast, other methods of hair removal such as waxing or tweezing cause intense pain and discomfort, followed by redness and skin irritation after the session.

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