How Coffee cause Stain Marks to Your Teeth

How Coffee cause Stain Marks to Your Teeth

Are you aware that your morning routine can impact your oral health? Well, if it may stain your clothes, it can cause stain marks to your teeth too. Coffee has ingredients known as tannins, a kind of polyphenol which breaks easily in water. You can also find it in beverages such as tea or wine. The tannins may cause color compounds which stick to teeth and leave unwanted yellow hue. It requires one cup of coffee only for your teeth to become stained.

How to prevent tooth discoloration without giving up your morning drink

Eliminate coffee stains

If you are a lover of coffee, then the teeth whitening dentist can help to get rid of coffee stains at the time of biannual cleaning. You need to schedule your appointments on a routine basis. You may even choose professional cleaning over home remedies. Brush teeth by using baking soda for two times in a month and whiten your teeth properly. Lessen coffee stains with whitening strips and whitening toothpastes daily. You may speak with the dentist for getting a home whitening tray. Choose an electric toothbrush that has more cleaning capacity and brush for at least two times and two minutes regularly.
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Other pitfalls of coffee

Drinking coffee may cause bacteria to develop inside your mouth which can cause enamel and tooth erosion. This may make the teeth to become brittle and thin. Coffee may lead to bad breath or say, halitosis as it sticks easily to tongue. If you want to prevent such problems, then eat food before drinking coffee. You may use a toothbrush and tongue scrapper after drinking coffee.

Get rid of coffee stains

If you cannot stop drinking your morning beverage, then you may avoid stains by drinking less. Choose to drink one cup of coffee in the morning and then green tea during the day. Do not eat sugar and creamer as these can increase the growth of bacteria. Try to drink coffee in a single sitting than small sips during the day to avoid the buildup of bacteria. You can drink a glass of water after having your coffee to rinse teeth and mouth properly. When you choose iced coffee, try to drink by using a straw and lessen the risk of further stains. Lastly, you can brush teeth for almost 30 minutes after drinking coffee and rinsing mouth with water. Since coffee is acidic, brushing teeth after eating or drinking may weaken the enamel of tooth and lead to stains. Certain foods can help to eliminate the stains. Eating vegetables and fruits such as – lemons and strawberries have natural fibers in them that may clean teeth by breaking down the bacteria.

Other foods and drinks which stain teeth

Obviously, drinking coffee is not the only way that causes stain marks to your teeth. If you want to have attractive and whiter smile, then you should not eat and drink these which may leave behind a yellowish color. Some of these are:

  • Black tea
  • Red wine
  • Hard candy
  • Colas
  • Popsicles
  • Tomato and tomato sauces
  • Sports drinks

Thus, you can drink coffee and at the same time, maintain whiter and healthy smile. How will you enjoy coffee and prevent stains? You need to drink in moderation and the dentists will suggest not to drink more than two cups daily. Apart from this, you should not neglect brushing twice and visit your dental clinic at least twice in a year. It is a good idea to drink coffee with a straw as this prevents from touching teeth directly and avoid unwanted stains. You may visit at Chatfield Dental Braces to book an appointment for teeth whitening in London twice a year.

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