How do I Use YouTube ADS to Boost Traffic on the Channel?


Storylines, storyboarding, talent search, shooting, and editing have taken months to perfect. The outcome? A viral video that will undoubtedly receive hundreds or even thousands of views. You can’t just share the video on social media or embed it on your website’s home page and hope that someone will view it after all that work. One approach to ensure that more of your target audience sees the content you’ve created is to run YouTube advertisements on your videos. Thanks to new formats and tracking capabilities, you can use this data to report on its ROI.

It’s smart to consider using YouTube advertisements to expand your brand. As the largest video network in the world with 1.5 billion monthly users and 400 hours of fresh content posted every minute, there are a tonne of prospective clients on the site.

Sadly, it is more complicated than uploading an advertisement and waiting for the views and cash to pour in. It will be challenging to accomplish that aim if you don’t have a sound plan for using your ads to drive visitors. Every action you do, until you post your advertisement to the world, affects how well they do in front of viewers.

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Specify your Audience

It will be easier to attract traffic through your ad campaign if you clearly understand your target audience because all the incorrect individuals will see your content. That is a waste of time and resources that is helpful to expand your business in other ways.

Making buyer personas, which are comprehensive profiles of your audience that include their demographics, hobbies, buying behaviours, and more is the simplest approach to identifying and mapping out your target audience. Ensure you have addressed the who, what, when, where, and why.

There are numerous approaches to learning what you need to know about your audience. Please send an email survey or quiz to your current customers to learn more about them. Examine the target market of competing companies in your industry by researching them. Search social media for the most pressing queries being raised in your industry. You can be someone who can give them the solutions they need.

Pick the appropriate ad format

There may be various ways that adverts affect a user’s decision to click through, depending on how they consume your audience’s content. The ideal method is to use A/B split testing to identify the ad types that work best with your audience and enable you to properly deliver advertisements to your audience and optimise your conversion approach.

There are three primary ad format kinds to pick from.

  • Streaming TrueView

According to Google, a TrueView ad allows viewers to skip it and can increase your views by 500%. You receive payment only when an advertisement is clicked on or watched for at least 30 seconds.

Viewers see an in-stream advertisement as soon as they click on your ad. After a required five-second wait, they can decide whether to view the advertisement or go on to the video they came for.

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  • Discovering TrueView

This kind of advertisement appears on the homepage, behind similar or suggested videos, or in YouTube searches. Viewers are 23 times more likely to visit or subscribe to a brand channel and engage with its content if they view at least 30 seconds of TrueView advertisements. You get paid for the same whenever people go onto your advertisement and watch your video.

It is a fantastic way to increase traffic because it puts your video in front of brand-new people who might be drawn to it or when they’re looking for films with a similar theme.

  • Bumper

Bumper ads are unskippable and only last six seconds or less. It may appear before, during, or following a video. These ads are excellent for mobile consumers who quickly consume large amounts of content because they are so brief. After 1000 impressions, you must pay.

Make interesting adverts

Your advertisement’s content must be compelling to persuade people to click through to the offer. Your target market is persuaded to view your advertisement if the ads you’re producing are relevant to their interests and compel them with interesting content.

Here are some of the finest techniques for developing advertising that prompts clicks or action:

  • A/B To determine what performs best, try various aspects of your advertisements.
  • Catch the attention of your viewers as soon as your advertisement starts playing to captivate them from the very first second.
  • Use the interactive features on YouTube, especially CTAs, to increase user engagement.
  • Show viewers only the greatest material. Ads must be worthwhile investments if you’re going to spend money on them.


When used effectively, YouTube advertising through a YouTube marketing agency like is a terrific method to increase website visitors and make money. They bring your content to new audiences that have been shown to improve engagement and may eventually become devoted consumers. You are passing up a huge chance to expand your company if you aren’t using YouTube advertising.

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