How to Draw A Ninja Easily

Draw A Ninja

How to Draw A Ninja. The ninja, the shinobi, is a secret agent and mercenary in feudal Japan. Ninjas are exceptionally skilled at the Japanese art of ninjutsu.

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They first existed in the 15th century when they were hired as spies, looters, arsonists, assassins and even terrorists. But so far, the ninja’s charm remains unshakable.

Ninjas have also long been the subject of numerous films, the most notable of which are Naruto and Ninja Turtles.

The idea of ninjas appeals to small children and people of all ages. The extreme popularity of ninjas has created a huge demand for free tutorials on how to draw ninjas.

You asked for it, so we delivered.

We’ve created a step-by-step process on how to draw a ninja simplified with 9 easy steps.

Additionally, each detailed but brief guide is accompanied by intricate illustrations that act as a visual guide as you follow the instructions individually.

How to Draw A Ninja

Step 1

First, draw a square shape with rounded edges on the top of the paper. This forms the shape of the ninja’s entire head.

Starting at the top of your paper, leave enough room for the ninja’s entire body.

Step 2

Draw a side oval shape inside the rounded square we drew in the previous step.

This outlines the edge of the hood the ninja is wearing and creates a separation between his head and face.

Step 3

Build the ninja’s body under his head. Begin by drawing an elongated figure for the arms and another to structure the leg.

Then draw a mirrored figure on the opposite side to form the ninja’s entire body.

Make sure both arms and legs are symmetrical. This shape outlines the long-sleeved shirt and pants worn by the ninja.

Step 4

Draw a circular shape at the bottom of each arm. This creates the two hands of the ninja.

Remember that hands should be the same size.

Step 5

Draw two curved lines with a horizontal line down under each leg. This is how the pair of shoes worn by the ninja is made.

Step 6

Draw a parallel horizontal line on the belly of the ninja’s body.

This is how the belt is made to complete the traditional outfit of a ninja.

Step 7

Ninjas typically carry a long, sharp sword on their back. This sword serves as the main weapon in battle. In this step, we will draw the sword.

Proceed by pulling the sword’s hilt and then a sharp blade attached directly to it. Remember to add patterns to the sword hilt!

Step 8

To outline the eyebrows, draw two lateral rectangular shapes under the ninja’s forehead. Next, add shadows to both brows to make them look thicker and fuller.

Remember that men’s eyebrows are typically thicker and more defined than women’s, so keep that in mind when drawing your ninja’s eyebrows.

Step 9

Complete your ninja drawing by drawing a pair of eyes. Continue by drawing two circular shapes under each eyebrow.

Next, draw a small circular shape in each eye to create the pupil. Add shadows on both eyes and leave out the small unshaded circle. This creates a dramatic “glitter eye” effect.

Now that we have successfully drawn a ninja, it’s finally time for the funnest part: choose colors and make your drawing colorful.

This is where you can show off your artistic skills, especially your ability to mix and match colors. It usually consists of all-black clothing, including a jacket, pants, shoes, and a hooded hat.

As you can see in the image, we followed the standards when coloring our ninja drawing.

Your Ninja Drawing is Finished!

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