How to Get Free STD Testing in Los Angeles by Breaking Down the STD Stigma?

free std testing in Los Angeles

Suppose you have recently been thinking of getting free std testing in Los Angeles and having a welter of multiple emotions. You might feel ashamed, angry, afraid, or dirty and blame yourself or your partner. Therefore, it is important to know the actual meaning of sexually transmitted disease (STD,) which is also known as sexually transmitted infections (STIs,) for the benefit of your health as well as your partner’s. Getting free STD testing California not only helps you learn about your well-being but also makes your future happier with your partner.

Also, you may be yet to get your STD diagnosis, but there are some common symptoms or soreness which are making you think of having the burden of STD. If you are apprehensive about consulting and hearing about having an STD from an experienced healthcare professional, we are here to help!

How To Break Down The Stigma Around The STD?

Many people consider the accompaniment of shame and fear for getting free std testing in Los Angeles. Well, you can overcome these stigmas related to STDs by learning vital facts and considering them as a normal test for future well-being.

Below are some of the best value tips that you can follow to overcome this disease-related stigma.

Tip #1. Learn the STD Facts

There is a stigma relating to STDs that can trickle down to a person when diagnosed with STDs. People often feel afraid and ashamed, thinking their life is somehow damaged and no one will ever want a future with them.

However, when you learn about STDs and the ways to manage them, this acquisition of the STDs facts will help in fading those feelings.

Firstly, remember that only a few STDs can be life-threatening. However, by following a proper treatment plan, most STDs can have less impact on health. It is essential to learn about STDs to get a better view of dealing with the inconvenience related to STDs with responsibility and proper guidance.

Irrespective of diagnosis with STD, it is still possible to live a good life. Besides, most sexually transmitted diseases are treatable. Even though not all of them are curable, some are likely to get cured with the help of treatment. For those types of incurable STDs like HIV, a person can still manage it with proper guidance and care.

Tip #2. Take the Help of a Healthcare Professional to Get Control of Your Health 

If you have a sexually transmitted infection, it is best to communicate face-to-face with your healthcare professional about the issue. It is not ideal to over-rely on all the information available on the Internet about STDs.

The internet can only help you give general information about the topic, but a doctor will understand the specific problems that you are facing and be empathetic about it. He will counsel you and tell you that having STD shouldn’t be taken as a life sentence.

In addition, a healthcare provider also recommends you:

  • Treatment options available for you 
  • Avoid transmitting your STI to others 
  • Ways to prevent getting additional or future occurrences of infection

If you currently have no healthcare provider or feel uncomfortable speaking to one, take help from an STD clinic near you to diagnose, treat and get advice on your sexual health protection for the future. Some clinics offer same-day STD testing Los Angeles to avoid hassle and discomfort.

Tip #3. Tell Your Partner About STDs And Get A Free STD Testing In Los Angeles

We hope our tips are helping you overcome your fear and shame. If you have successfully overcome such emotions about yourself, you are halfway through the journey.

Some studies show that people diagnosed with STDs and experiencing greater stigma are less likely to inform their partners. As a result of this shameful feeling, those people do not even provide medication to their mates when it is easier to do for safety. Also, they undermine testing and treating the disease.

Here are simple tips to smoothly handle the communication process and let your partner know about STDs.

  • Camly communicate with your partner

Once you diagnose the facts about your health and STD, it is the right time to share them with your partner. Make sure you are in control so that you appear to be calm and self-assured, not traumatized or afraid of your disease. It is your calmness and composure that may help your partner to handle the revelation more calmly.

  • Consider scheduling an appointment with the healthcare professional with your mate

If you are committed to someone, you would want to convey the proposal to deal with TDs together. In such a situation, it is undoubtedly a great idea to visit a healthcare professional and take your free std testing in Los Angeles. Professionals can help you deliver all the answers to questions in the most sensible manner.

If your partner doesn’t agree to seek medical care, you may at least bring the person under the correct medication, known as expedited partner therapy.


Even though the decision to get free std testing in Los Angeles isn’t always easy. You can at least follow these tips to break the stigma down and eliminate the barrier. 

It is better to take an open, honest, and direct approach. Being willing to have an open conversation with the partner and getting tested for future well-being is truly essential.

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