How to get more followers on Instagram?

Get Instagram Followers

Do you want to promote your store on social media and wonder how to get more followers on Instagram? There is no magic spell for this. However, we will tell you a few ways to get followers on Instagram.

Why Instagram?

Each popular social networking site has its own specifics and offers its users something different. Instagram is focused on visuals, attractive photos, fun and informal topics or behind-the-scenes shots.
The question is, where is the place for brand promotion here? Well, Instagram is an application in which a company can show its individuality, share inspirations or show its activities “from behind the scenes”, e.g. thanks to Insta Stories.
Companies have many ideas on how to get followers on Instagram. The website successfully promotes brands from almost all industries, but especially those related to fashion, beauty, interior design, travel and entertainment. It is also a perfect place for lovers of handicrafts, art or fitness.

How to get more followers on Instagram?

If you don’t know how to get Instagram followers fast, here are some best practices and content ideas:

• Show something from the backstage, i.e. something that cannot be seen in official materials promoting your brand, e.g. how products are made or how your team works. Such materials are often more interesting and much more credible than “appeased” photos prepared for the official website. For their publication, you can use Insta Stories, which disappear after 24 hours and do not “disturb” your profile grid.

• Follow the most popular hashtags on Instagram. Check what’s hot and what your customers like.
Do you know how to get followers on Instagram with hashtags? It is these types of markings that make the photo reach more users of the application (including those who do not follow us yet).

However, hashtags on Insta cannot be accidental. Choose them so that they best match the subject of the photo and what you do . A good method is to tag photos with words that are associated with your brand, e.g. #hipsterfashion #menfashion #menstyle #menswear #instafashion.
Then describe the product category, e.g. #menshoes #shoes #leathershoes and smartwatches where they are available or where the photo was taken: #Warsaw #warsawhipster #warsawfashion #warsawbloggers. Don’t worry about too many hashtags – you can use up to 30 of them.
But if you still have few followers, better not overuse these most used tags – try to use more niche terms with less competition

• Follow famous brands and the most popular accounts. They know how to get followers on Instagram, so you can draw inspiration from them and use new trends in your own way.

Other ways to follow on Instagram

To get more followers on Instagram, you need to be active there first. Adding more photos and counting new followers is not a very cunning strategy.
Instagram is governed by the laws of social networking sites, i.e. interaction between users is the most important thing here. They often visit the application several times a day to check the news. Your task is to make sure that they have as many news notifications as possible. So you can follow other users and like or comment on their photos.
An informal test on the profile of brand X showed what reaction specific actions cause:
• Following a user: 14% of people responded by following this profile
• (Follow + Like): 22% of people responded by following this profile
• Users + like + comment under the photo: 34% of people responded by following this profile.
So as you can see, the more you engage, the better chance you have of user interaction and getting a new follower.

Experiment to gain followers on IG

To get as many followers on Instagram as possible, you can test different strategies and analyze their effects. Remember, however, that this is work on a “living organism”, so you can never be sure whether a given concept will work. However, it is worth trying, because social media definitely drives e-commerce traffic, and your store can gain a lot from it.

Elizabeth Barton
Elizabeth Barton
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