How To Unlock Bathroom Door From Outside

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Take a moment to picture yourself hurrying to the bathroom before leaving for school or work. But then you notice that the door is stuck. In this emergency situation, how can you quickly unlock a closed restroom door from the outside without the help of an emergency locksmith?

The good news is that privacy locks rather than security devices are typically seen on bathroom doors in the US. You can open your bathroom door with modest effort and little expense.

You can contact emergency locksmith services. Nonetheless, any householder may easily unlock a bathroom door on their own. You can test a total of 9 techniques in this article.

Step-by-step Instructions 

See our step-by-step instructions for these 9 techniques below; they’ll simplify unlocking a toilet door without a hole. We guarantee that you can handle this inconvenience as soon as feasible. 

1- Using a Credit Card 

A credit card won’t open a lock, but you can use this technique to quickly unlock lever doorknobs, latch bolts, and spring locks.

Always keep in mind that you ought to have an acceptable card option. It would be excellent if flexible, stiff, and laminated, like a library or grocery store customer card. Do not use them to prevent destroying your debit, credit, or identification card.

Insert your card between the door frame and the lock. After that, bend the card back and push the bathroom door’s bolt. We advise you to lean against this door to complete the task faster.

2- Coat Hanger 

Locking a locked bathroom door with a latch bolt from the outside is possible by tugging it with a metal coat hanger. The hanger is bent until it resembles a long handle with a hook.

Place this hook between the door’s edge and the wall, then loop a piece of string around the latch bolt. When you pull the hanger in your direction, use the other hand to rotate the knob.

It should be noted that this method cannot be used to its full potential if there is a jamb between the gap in the door and the wall.

3- Call a Locksmith 

Call an emergency locksmith to safely and properly unlock a locked bathroom door. To open your locks or door, do not inadvertently cause damage. There is no need to replace doors or locks because a bathroom door is locked inside. A 24-hour locksmith costs less when you factor in the time and cost of replacing the door, repairing the door jam, and installing new locks.

You should avoid trying these techniques if your mental condition is affected. You can feel nervous or terrified when a youngster or injured person is concealed behind a locked toilet door. It’s difficult to open the door swiftly and safely while feeling this way. If you are angry or furious, unlocking the locked restroom door will take longer. You become more irate the longer the process takes, and so forth. Spend less time on it. You can avoid the hassle by calling a locksmith.

4- Bobby Pin 

Your lock can be picked using this straightforward, compact attachment, but it would take longer than you had anticipated. Before you begin, bend two bobby pins into a shape that makes them a good substitute for keys.

The hairpin should be bent about 0.4 inches (1 cm) from the end to be perpendicular to the free ends. Put the curved portion into the bottom of the keyhole, and then use the second pin with the curved fulcrum to create a straight piece.

At the same time, turn the doorknob and move the bobby pin. This procedure will undoubtedly take much longer than in movies, but it is unquestionably a reliable approach to unlocking a toilet door from the outside.

5- Banging on Doors 

Combining a powerful kick with Newton’s third law is preferable if you are confident in your physical strength and no instruments are nearby. Your bathroom door should open outward and be constructed of relatively flimsy materials for this to work.

Locate a weak place above the doorknob using your dominant leg and kick it. Step forward with a flat foot. If your first effort fails, try again.

6- Door Hand Removal 

If you can’t otherwise open the bathroom door, only remove the handle then. Use a drill or screwdriver to remove the handle’s outside screws. To place the lever into the lock mechanism, use this screwdriver. Gently rotate the object until you hear a clicking sound.

7- Hammer 

The bathroom door lock will undoubtedly be destroyed with a hammer. Therefore, you should only use this method as a last resort. If you have the strength, continuously whack the doorknob downward until you see the lock detach from the door. More on this approach may be found here.

Wrapping it Up 

If you ever find yourself locked out of your bathroom, don’t worry! With the right tools and techniques, you can easily open the door. You’re lucky if your bathroom lock has a bypass hole or rectangular slot, as these are often easy to open. Alternatively, a credit card can also be used to unlock most bathroom doors locked from the inside.

If these methods fail, you can try going under the door with a tool or searching for another way into the bathroom. However, avoiding using brute force to open the door is important, as this can damage the lock or even the door itself. In cases of extreme difficulty, it’s best to call a professional locksmith.

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