Importance of Polycarbonate Lenses for Guardian Safety Glasses

guardian prescription safety glasses

Any profession that is surrounded by dangers and threats requires the appropriate usage of safety gear. Although it may seem clear, employers who are trying to save money or who are merely unaware of the risks too frequently reject or neglect this advice.

For domestic applications, the same holds true. Whether you like activities like carpentry or other potentially hazardous hobbies. You need perfectly prepare yourself to be protected. So if you don’t understand just exactly what to do, you might endanger yourself.

Think about the advantages of guardian safety glasses. Your eyes should be protected and kept out of risky situations. Whether you use heavy equipment or deal with any kind of chemicals. Nevertheless, 60% of industrial eye injuries happen because the affected person did not think the proper safety equipment to safeguard their vision was necessary.

Whenever you require prescription safety glasses, that issue becomes particularly serious. Now, when you require clear eyesight for safety reasons, it’s tempting to put on your usual glasses. Yet, you shouldn’t base your decision just on that. Also, you need to confirm that the construction and material of the eyeglasses you select are resistant to your surroundings. Polycarbonate lenses come into play in this situation.

How Do Guardian Glasses Polycarbonate Lenses Protect Your Eyes?

Polycarbonate is a substance used to make safety gear. It is a thermoplastic, which means that the chemical compounds are joined together during a process of heating and cooling to make the material. The material is well-suitable for safety purposes due to this technique. It has incredibly impacted resistance and blocks 99.9% of all UV rays that could be dangerous. This material is also heat resistant due to the way it was made. Its effectiveness and success in protecting your eyes are not significantly affected by high temperatures.

Due to how quickly shatters, glass is avoided by the majority of guardian prescription safety glasses. Ordinary plastic is a fine replacement, although it might not be robust enough to withstand flying debris. Stronger prescriptions necessitate heavy, bulky glasses that are hard to wear, which makes the situation worse.

Polycarbonate comes into play in this situation. The aforementioned impact resistance and strength do not exist separately. Therefore, when matched to the more conventional lens material, they stand out more. Polycarbonate is around 10 times greater highly durable than glass and plain plastic.

Its resistance should provide immediate safety benefits. You no longer have to be concerned about moving metal or wood chips. Your eyes would be protected behind what is virtually ballistic glass with the appropriate frames and lens coating.

Essential Additional Advantages of Guardian Safety Glasses 

Additional advantages are essential for your safety and vision. Think about how much lighter these guardian glasses are than their plastic counterparts for people with strong prescriptions. It means that in addition to being able to see precisely, you will also be able to customize your safety eyewear comfier. In simple words, you reduce the likelihood that you’ll take them off out of comfort and endanger your eyes.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. As you work in hazardous settings, you do not need to concern about harmful radiation because of the nearly 100% Ultra violet block rate. Undoubtedly, the majority of manufacturers and brands provide a high-quality coating for enhancing protection.

In conclusion, the advantages of polycarbonate lenses for protective eyewear have real implications for safety. Regardless of the environment in which you operate, having a full grasp of them will enable you to choose the best eye protection option.

How To Prevent Polycarbonate Lenses From Having Drawbacks?

You might conclude after reading the aforementioned sentences that polycarbonate lenses are faultless. They are the finest choice for protective gear in many aspects, but that does not always hold true. You must frankly take into account their drawbacks as well. The good news is that if you do, you can decide that let you reduce these drawbacks in order to ensure your safety.

For instance, even though this material is usually shatterproof, it may not be highly durable. If you don’t understand that, you run the risk of purchasing a pair of guardian safety frames that will shortly need to be replaced because of falling objects. As compared to plain plastic or glass, the additional cost is much more noticeable.

However, if you are aware of this potential drawback, you can take action right now, even before you buy your guardian glasses. Most retailers of safety equipment and eyeglasses can add an anti-scratch coating. In some cases, this coating is even standard on lenses. To avoid getting a sudden scratch on your prescription lens, find out more from the Safety Eyeglasses SEG dealer for the best results.

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