Invisalign Braces for Exceptionally Crooked Teeth are a Reliable Option

Invisalign in London

Conventional orthodontic braces are not very easy to go with. The braces put you under strict restrictions. Your normal diet and lifestyle are severely disrupted as a result. On the other hand Invisalign is a revolutionary technology to provide treatment to your crooked teeth. Made from clear transparent plastic the range of aligners remains virtually invisible inside the mouth. The plastic aligners along with Invisalign attachments or buttons exert precise force on the teeth. As a result, your teeth get both pushed and pulled to gradually sink into the right alignment in course of time.  

Invisalign aligners prove competent in gifting you with a new smile that you can be proud of. Metal braces remain fixed to the teeth and prominently stand out. Similar to train tracks in appearance the braces along with those equally prominent metal wires make anyone easily identified in a crowd. As such adults and even young adults find these braces quite embarrassing. The reasons for that are many and not hard to guess. 

Let us explore a few basic facts about the cutting-edge teeth-straightening technology in form of Invisalign across the following sections of this blog post. The information discussed here will help make an informed decision as and when required.

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A brief introduction to Invisalign

Your dentist takes a 3D scan of your mouth. Based on those scanned images custom-fit aligners are prepared in a dedicated dental lab that handles orders only for Invisalign patients. These orthodontic aligners are nothing but dental pieces that can easily be inserted into the teeth.

The dental pieces or orthodontic appliances are more popularly known as Invisalign. According to top-notch dentists in London associated with the famous oral health practice Chatfield Dental Braces in other words Invisalign is a set of clear plastic aligners that you have to wear daily to move your teeth slowly and gradually into correct alignment. As already mentioned earlier the range of orthodontic aligners is custom-made in terms of both size and shape to fit perfectly into your mouth. Separate trays are meant for your upper and lower teeth. 

This works as a reliable corrective measure for crooked teeth. However, it also works on a number of other orthodontic conditions as well including the following –

  • Open bite 
  • Gapped teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Misaligned teeth

Invisalign straightens crooked teeth – how?

The clear plastic aligner both pulls and pushes the teeth. As a result of this constant and precise pressure, your teeth start moving. Gradually the teeth sink into correct alignment as your crooked smile becomes straightened. In order to straighten the teeth with these clear plastic aligner trays it is of utmost crucial that you wear them in the mouth for 20 to 22 hours a day. If you cannot comply with this clause then Invisalign is not meant for you. If you fail to wear your aligners for at least 20 hours a day better forget about your expected results. Even the results of the treatment will be delayed to reach you.

Initially, as you switch on to your aligners for the first time you will have a strange feeling in your mouth. Gradually that inconvenience vanishes on its own as your mouth gets used to the appliances within a very few days.

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Cutting-edge Invisalign and your pride smile

As a kid, you may have already been on braces. Or you may have braces in middle school and none of those experiences are very bright or positive. You can rest assured that Invisalign will definitely provide you with a unique and different experience that you have never had before. Moreover, these clear plastic aligners straighten the teeth much faster compared to traditional braces. The best part of Invisalign treatment is it shows your teeth normally but hides any obnoxious appliance that is attached to the teeth.

Invisalign – as the name implies – deals with invisible aligners to straighten your teeth. These clear plastic aligners remain virtually hidden inside your mouth. One actually needs to search inside your mouth to locate a transparent piece of plastic throughout your Invisalign journey. 

Assured teeth straightening results with Invisalign

These days, almost every major dental insurance policy covers Invisalign. The procedure can even cost you less than traditional metal braces provided how long you have to be on aligners. Thus when you sign up for Invisalign treatment you are not paying more to make your smile better. Rather, you are getting a better smile for much less. The cutting-edge treatment makes optimum use of technology. Invisalign relies on a 3D scanning mechanism, iTero scanner and a host of other latest technological evolutions to show you simulated images of your improved smile. You get to see the simulated images even before starting the treatment. These simulated images work as an excellent booster. They keep Invisalign patients motivated on complying with the deadline of 20 to 22 hours a day. 

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Before starting the treatment it is important to have a clear-cut discussion with your Invisalign expert regarding the cost of the treatment. The cost of the treatment is never uniform and it varies widely from case to case. The exact pricing of the treatment differs because of certain factors. The factors include the following –

  • Level of crookedness or misalignment in one’s teeth
  • The expected duration of the treatment
  • Qualifications and expertise of a dentist and 
  • The location of a practice

The greater level of crookedness, the lengthier the treatment. The lengthier the treatment the more the cost. On the other hand, the more trained and qualified a dentist is the more he or she will charge patients. Practices that are located in urban regions and large cities usually quote a higher price for Invisalign than those located in suburbs.

The Chatfield Dental Braces is a reliable destination in London to get Invisalign for crooked teeth at an affordable cost. Dentists working here opine that traditional braces are not meant for every tooth surface. If your teeth are exceptionally crooked, rotated or overlapped traditional metal braces cannot be of much help. But Invisalign in London can easily handle such complex cases to gift you a straightened and attractive smile.

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