JCB 3DX and 4DX Backhoe Loaders

JCB 3DX and 4DX Backhoe Loaders - The Ultimate Choice for Construction Projects

JCB 3DX and 4DX Backhoe Loaders - The Ultimate Choice for Construction Projects

The construction industry in India is rapidly expanding. With the development of new projects across the country, the landscape is significantly transforming. Also facilitating this development is the heavy-duty equipment industry. For example, backhoe loaders are engineered to facilitate a range of tasks. For example, landscaping, digging, transporting, demolition, etc.

Hence, all these multi-functionalities make it an output-maximizing machine. JCB is one such leading company that manufactures highly-advanced backhoe loaders.

Featuring 2 Best-Selling Backhoe Loaders from JCB

Below discussed are the top-selling backhoe loader models from the company:

JCB 3DX Backhoe Loader

This popular backhoe loader model from JCB comes with an operating weight of 3000 KG. This particular functionality delivers massive output in construction & mining activities. Additionally, the machine can easily lift as much as 1800 kg of loads at once. Moreover, the 3000 mm maximum height reach limit increases work efficiency while reducing downtime.

Besides, the 110 ltr of hydraulic oil capacity is equally commendable, hence facilitating hassle-free operation. Furthermore, the bucket capacity of this model is 1 cum, subsequently easing the carriage of heavy materials. Above all, the JCB 3DX price range is quite reasonable, starting from Rs. 35 Lakh to 38 Lakh.

JCB 4DX Backhoe Loader

This is yet another famous model from JCB India featuring an operating weight of 1000 kg. Additionally, the equipment comes equipped with 130 ltr of hydraulic oil capacity, facilitating operations. Moreover, the machine maximizes work output with 8000 kg of lifting capacity.

Besides, the backhoe loader can reach up to a full height of 4950 mm height. This subsequently increases efficiency for large-scale infra projects. Additionally, the bucket capacity of this machine is 2 cum. Above all, the JCB 4DX price is quite competitive.

So, have you decided to buy any of these popular JCB equipment? If yes, then purchase it today at InfraJunction.

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