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In Australia, there are many job ready programs only for Pakistanis. Many Pakistanis now envision themselves living and working in Australia. Roughly one hundred thousand Pakistanis emigrate annually with the intention of settling in Australia. Most people begin their journey with a tourist visa to gain a feel for the place. Followed by a working holiday visa to combine travel and work with education, and lastly a student visa for those aged 36 and over. The Australian government has very stringent immigration restrictions. Making it difficult and time-consuming to relocate there permanently.

How to Make the Move Down Under:

Sydney and Melbourne, are two seaside megacities with a very good quality of life. Many chances for business and recreation, are among the most popular choices. Don’t discount Brisbane’s tropical climate, Adelaide’s elegance, or Perth’s thriving economy, either.

The city you settle in will have a significant impact on your life, both professionally and personally. Living by the sea, distant from the big cities, is excellent if you love the heart of nature and practising sports. Yet, huge cities have their perks, and it’s true that you never get bored there. It’s also worth noting that, due to the lack of competition, sponsorship and employment opportunities are more easily obtained the more rural or “regional” the location is. Only the three major cities Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane are classified as metropolitan areas; the rest of the country is classified as regional. This ultimately makes it simpler to obtain a permanent visa.


There is an almost infinite number of ways to qualify for a visa to Australia. Tourist visas can obtain directly from travel agencies and are valid for between three months and a year. During this time, visitors can study, attend meetings and interviews, and travel, but they are not allowed to work for pay. The Working Holiday Visa is valid for one year, can apply for independently, and can renew for a second year if you have worked in the regional area for at least 88 days during the first year. If you wish to study in Australia and are over the age of 36, you should apply for a student visa.

When it comes to student visas, Just Australia is your best bet. The company offers a reliable support system and has negotiated steep discounts with educational institutions across Australia. If you are interested in applying for a different type of visa, such as a sponsor or skilled worker visa, it is highly recommended that you consult with an immigration attorney to determine whether or not you meet the necessary criteria. These criteria typically include a high proficiency in the English language, three years of experience in your chosen field, and a degree or diploma in that field.

The Takeoff:

There is a plethora of options for getting to Australia via aeroplane. If you want to go to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, or Brisbane from Milan or Rome. We suggest taking the carrier Qatar Airways. In a nutshell, you can get just about anywhere with Qatar Airways. If you are currently enrolled in an Australian course. You are eligible to participate in the “Student Club” program, which will grant you a 10% discount on your first ticket. 15% discount on your second journey, and a 20% discount on your third flight. You’ll receive complimentary in-flight Wi-Fi and allow to check an additional 10 kg of baggage.

Stay in Down Under:

Finding a more permanent place to stay can be stressful. So it’s best to have a place to sleep for the first few nights already arranged (a hostel if you’re on a tight budget and want to meet people from all over the world. Or a hotel if you’re searching for serenity and freedom). You can get recommendations on where to stay in Australia from us. Or you can book a room at a hostel or student residence that works with Just Australia. We suggest using if you prefer to handle this on your own.

Learn English Down Under:

If your current level of English is academic, taking a course (even a short one) will help you integrate more quickly, make new friends, and get better employment. Learning English will help you settle in faster in Australia and increase your chances of landing a high-paying career. Additionally, Australia is a language unto itself, and it might challenging to comprehend an unfamiliar accent at first. So it’s best to brush up on your skills with a course. Just Australia is the place to go for discounts and insider tips on English language programs Down Under.

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