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Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate, The landlords of Bradford and throughout the UK are legally responsible to ensure that the electrical systems within their properties are secure.

The electrical safety certification for landlords also more commonly referred to as Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) can be described as an electrical security check that assists you in fulfilling the legal requirements of your tenant. If you are the owner of a home in the Bradford region, Quality Electrician are the local electricians you can count on to ensure your tenants are your property secure. We offer a variety of electrical services for landlords and property owners, including electrical safety certificates (EICR), Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate.

What is a Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate?

The certificate of electrical safety is issued when a certified electrician has carefully examined the electrical system in a property. The EICR inspection is designed to identify any electrical problems which could pose a threat for your tenants. The electrician who conducts the EICR will check the sockets, wiring as well as the fuse box, and will test every other aspect of your Bradford home’s electrical system to ensure that it is secure.

A landlord’s electrical safety obligations:

If you are a responsible landlord, you are aware that the security for your tenant is of paramount importance. Legally, there are a variety of electrical safety rules which landlords must comply with. These rules are intended to ensure that electrical problems are identified before they become risky. All landlords who lease privately-owned properties should:

Ensure that the standards laid in the 18th edition of electrical wiring rules BS7671 are followed.

Hire a certified and qualified person to check and verify the electrical system of your property at least once every five years.

Ensure that they get an official report or certificate from the electrician who conducted the inspection. The report should include the findings and the date of an inspection to be scheduled for the following day.

Send a copy an EICR for the renter within 28 days of the date and the new tenant before the date of their occupation.

Provide to your authority local a copy the report on electrical safety within 7 days of being requested.

Keep a copy of the EICR to show at the next safety inspection for electrical equipment.

If an EICR stipulates that work is required, the task must be finished within 28 calendar days, unless otherwise stated.

Submit a written statement that. The work has been completed task within 28 calendar days of the completion date to the local authority as well as their tenant.

Failure to get an electrical safety certification or to comply with the rules can be punished with. A fine that could be as high as PS30, 000. You have it in your best interests as a landlord, to make sure that. You are able to have an electrical installation report done immediately when required.

What is an electrical safety inspection supposed to will it cover?

Your electrician will examine various areas to make sure that. There isn’t any risk of electrical shock or fire in the area. They will, Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate:

Make sure there isn’t a danger to the security or the safety of tenants:

Confirm that the appropriate bonding and earthling are in the correct locations.

The Check for any outlets, switches and appliances that are hardwired.

Check all electrical projects that may have been done previously on the building.

Check the wiring as well as consumer’s unit/fuse board on your home.

After the inspection, they’ll create a report that will outline any improvements or repairs that are required. They will share what they found with you, and offer estimate for work needed.

If you’re a property owner in Bradford and want to schedule. An electrical safety test for your landlord performed by a certified expert electrician, contact Quality Electrician today. Our reliable, professional electricians will be delighted with any queries you might have.

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