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If you have male pattern baldness, then there is very little you could do to save those precious hair strands. You could either be regretful or simply embrace reality. The latter is the right approach to deal with baldness and a head shaver is the right tool to tackle the balding challenge. If you’re in your 20s or 30s and have started seeing bald spots on your head, it is time to take the reality pill and just shave it off. Some opt for expensive hair growth treatments, however, you should be cautious before you think of doing the same, or else you could be taken for a ride. These ‘treatments’ are often cosmetic and don’t really improve your follicle growth. You could also end up with potential side effects that could prove disastrous. Another alternative is to go to a salon and shave your head completely. Even this is not a good choice as repeated trips to the barbershop could put a hole in your pocket. In such a scenario, the best possible way to tackle the hair loss challenge is to buy an electric shaver and do the deed yourself.

Why You Should Choose An Electric Shaver

Many people in the world have made the bald view work for themselves such as Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis, and Jason Statham who have made the bald view work to their advantage. They have owned their baldness with aplomb and are proof that with the right maintenance, a bald look is really dashing. Although celebrities have a whole team to keep their bodies in shape and their hairstyle in order, laypersons like us only need the best head shaver to have all our grooming needs met.

When you decide to purchase an electric shaver, you should keep the following two things in mind so that you get the best deal.

  • Shaving Technology: You should ideally invest in a shaver that has the best technical features. For instance, an electric shaver with a 5-dimensional rotary blade system, 10,000 rpm motor, and a smart LED display is considered the best head shaver. Such a shaver removes the scalp and facial hair by covering every inch of the surface. Not just that, the smart shaving technology makes a quick assessment of the hair density and adjusts the power accordingly. The LED displays the power remaining on the device and reminds you to charge the shaver. The rotary blades and the powerful motor makes a clean cut and gives you a neat look. The next thing on your checklist should be the battery. A good grooming device uses a long-lasting lithium battery that would enable you to go for multiple shaves on a single charge. A cordless device is generally better as you would not have to deal with entangled wires.
  • Quick And Effective Shaving: The ultimate test of the best head shaver is its shaving prowess. Such a shaver would be quick and efficient. You should get a clean finish within 5 minutes. You would also find an associated exfoliation brush to clean any residual hair. The bristles of the brush would remove all dirt and free up your pores for improved circulation. Apart from the exfoliation brush, you should also check whether the electric shaver has a precision clipper and an embedded massager. The precision clipper gives the right shape to your beard and scalp hair if you don’t want a squeaky clean head. The massager on the other hand is a significant addition as it relaxes your head after a shave and maintains good blood circulation in the head.


Hair loss is a touchy subject and something that has given millions of men around the world nightmares. However, one need not worry about the dwindling hair count due to male pattern baldness or any other reason for that matter because with the kind of shaving tools available these days, both men and women can proudly embrace baldness. All one needs is an electric head shaver. Running around for hair rejuvenation treatments and going to the salon for repeated shaving sessions are now a thing of the past. You could now take charge of your scalp and groom your body as per your needs. Investing in a good electric shaver is probably the best thing for you at this juncture especially if you realize at this point that baldness can’t be avoided for long. With an electric shaver, you end up saving a lot of money that you would have wasted on hair loss treatment and barbershop visits. The kind of smooth shave you get from a modern shaving device is at par if not better, with the services of the most experienced barbers. The head looks clean and shiny after a grooming session and gives you a glow that is enough to destroy any self-esteem issues the hair loss may have inadvertently created.

Elizabeth Barton
Elizabeth Barton
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