Orbi Keeps Rebooting? Here’s How to Fix It!

Orbi Keeps Rebooting

Orbi Keeps Rebooting

Has your Orbi WiFi router been stuck in a reboot loop? Well, it can happen due to numerous reasons. But, worry not. The information given in our write-up will not only help you know the reasons behind random reboots of your wireless router but will also make you aware of troubleshooting techniques to fix the issue. However, implementing some tactics will require you to do a Netgear Orbi login and tweak the settings of the router. Thus, we want you to be ready for the same. Continue reading.

Why Orbi Keeps Rebooting?

As mentioned earlier that this post will shed light on the reasons why your router keeps rebooting, let’s start with the number one and most common one – i.e. overworking of the device. Perhaps, you’re being too cruel on your router and making it work every hour of the day.

Keep in mind that if you force your router to work more than it can do, it will soon get overpowered by technical glitches. Therefore, it would be better that you keep these glitches at bay by giving some rest to the router.

For this, consider powering down the Orbi device. Now, you are required to wait for as long as you can. Once done, consider switching it on to see if the rebooting loop is still on. If it is, then walk through the following points to get acquainted with other possible reasons behind the issue:

  1. Improper power supply

  1. Outdated firmware version

  1. Heavy network traffic

Fixed: Orbi Keeps Rebooting

The previous section made you aware of the reasons why an Orbi device gets stuck in a reboot loop. This section will reveal information regarding the ways to fix the problem. So, be careful during the troubleshooting process.

  1. Change the Power Source

The improper power supply to the router can occur only because of two reasons. First, if the power source to which the router is connected is not working well, and second if there power issue from the backend.

To patch things up, consider getting the power source changed if the current one is found damaged. You can make use of the UPS if the power issues are from the backend. However, while following this hack, you need to remember that the router is placed within the range of the main internet modem.

  1. Upgrade the Firmware

Another thing you can do to fix the Orbi keeps rebooting issue is to update the router’s firmware. It has been noticed that users keep using their routers with the oldest firmware version and hence fall victim to issues similar to the one you are already facing.

You can upgrade the firmware of your router by accessing the Orbilogin portal. However, while doing so, make sure that you do not interrupt the process. Additionally, the firmware file you upload on the router’s dashboard must belong to your router model only. Else, the firmware will get corrupted.

  1. Reduce the Network Traffic

The router might also get stuck in a reboot loop due to heavy network traffic. The reason, if too many devices are accessing the wireless network of your Orbi router, it will have to overwork, and eventually issues arise.

To get rid of the issue, we suggest you reduce the number of devices connected to your Orbi. You can use wired connections wherever possible. It will reduce the wireless network traffic and the chances that the issue will get fixed.

Final Thoughts

That’s all about what to do if your Orbi keeps rebooting. We hope that the fixes we’ve provided you above will prove to be helpful. On the off-chance, you are still facing problems, do what you do in the case of the Orbi purple light issue. Yes, we are asking you to reset the router.

For this, locate and press the reset button on your WiFi device. Within a few moments, your router will start working in the default factory mode. Once it happens, reconfigure it via the default Orbi details.

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