Promise Ring: A Perfect Gift For Your Partner


Many couples date each other for years before tying the knot together. During their dating days, couples make certain romantic gestures for each other. Not only does doing that keep the spark alive, but it also shows how appreciative they are of each other. Although gifting each other a bouquet of flowers or chocolates is a beautiful gesture, it is also something expected. You probably want to put in some extra effort and do something special for your partner.



Among the different things you can try, getting your significant other a promise ring is a fantastic gesture! Many people assume these rings are only appropriate to give to their girlfriends, but that’s not true. You can give one to your boyfriend too. A promise ring is quite meaningful and embodies your love and fidelity to your partner. Often people who are still in the dating stage give it to their partners as a promise and intent to marry them in the future.



You can bring a smile to your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s face by surprising her or him with a stunning promise ring! Symbolizing undying and eternal love, a sapphire ring could be the ideal promise ring for you!


If you are not familiar with a promise ring, let us help you get acquainted with all that’s necessary.

What is a promise ring? What does it symbolize?

To put it simply, a promise ring is a step up from dating. It is a way of conveying to others your commitment to your relationship and your love for your significant other. Nowadays, couples like giving each other a promise ring before their engagement.


The meaning a promise ring holds for each couple can be unique. While some people may consider it a piece of jewelry to express their affection for each other, others see it as their intention to marry their partner in the future. Regardless of any typical meaning, a promise ring continues to be a representation of love and commitment.


Why should you give your partner a promise ring?


Although when one is truly in love with one’s other half, any gift becomes precious and something like a promise ring is not required, here are a few scenarios wherein you can surprise your partner with one!

  • Your long-term relationship just began its long-distance phase.
  • You want to represent yourselves as a committed couple.
  • You want your partner to remember your promise of getting engaged in the future.
  • You know they are the right person for you, but you don’t have plans to get married at the time.
  • You intend to propose to them but want to save money for an engagement ring, such as a sapphire engagement ring.



Are there any age restrictions for giving your partner a promise ring?


The most amazing thing about a promise ring is that there are no age bars! Generally, people in their early 20s like giving their partners a promise ring as a commitment to having and building a future together. However, even couples who are married can surprise their other half with a promise ring. While these rings stand for eternal love, people can give them a meaning of their own. For instance, married people might consider it a promise of getting gray hair and growing old together.


finger do you wear a promise ring

On which hand and finger do you wear a promise ring?



Promise rings hold a romantic meaning behind them, and that’s why most couples prefer wearing them as an engagement or wedding ring. As a result, people generally wear a promise ring on their ring finger on the left hand.


However, you should know there is no set guideline on which finger or hand you have to wear the ring. It is all up to the wearer’s choice!

The Right Way To Give A Promise Ring


Make sure that there is no unnecessary embarrassment or uncertainty when giving your partner a promise ring. While getting down on one knee might sound dreamy, it might look like a marriage proposal, and you don’t want it to happen, right? Instead, take them out for a candle-lit dinner or your favorite spot for a picnic and present them with the ring while you are sitting with them.

However, for a cherry on top effect, you can present them with a promise ring on a special day, such as their birthday or the date you started dating each other!





What do you say while presenting a promise ring?

The significance of a promise ring might not be obvious unless you explain it yourself. So, express what the ring symbolizes and what commitment you are ready to make while giving it to your partner. For instance, you wish to make a promise to your significant other to be faithful for the rest of your life or that you intend to propose and grow old together. By doing this, you can steer clear of any confusion or misconceptions!


Final Thoughts

A promise ring is more than an ordinary piece of jewelry. It can hold different meanings for different people, depending on how they define it. With no hard-and-fast rules on who can wear it and how to wear it, a promise ring is a must-have for you. And what’s better than a sapphire ring, a symbol of eternal love?

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