What Are The New Number Plate Rules In Uk?

What Are The New Number Plate Rules In Uk?

New number plate in the UK are issued each year in March and September. Cars registered between 1 September 2021 and 28 February 2022 received 71′ number plates. New registrations between 1 September 2021 and 31 August 2022 will receive & ’22’ plates.

The technical standard for new number plates registered after September 2021 has been updated.

You can find the desired number plates in your city. Just Google, e.g. 3d number plates Manchester.

Bs Au 145e Standard Number Plates

The ’71” plates will replace the BS AU 145d standard, which has been in place since September 2001. Instead, we will get BS AU 145e to meet the British Standard for Retro Reflective Number Plates.

The main advantage of the new standard plates 145e is their durability. Plates made of tougher material must pass 10 tests, including the new abrasion test that checks whether the plates can withstand dirt and road salt.

Plates With Two-Tone Numbers

Also, the new number plates cannot display any lettering other than solid black letters. Number plates with two-tone letters that use different colours to create a 3D and 4D effect were banned.

Perspex and acrylic letters can be used, provided all other requirements are met. The letters must be black and can’t have any other colours. This will make the plates easier to read for Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. The DVLA uses ANPR cameras for catching lawbreakers and detecting offenders such as unlicensed operators, untested drivers, and overloaded goods vehicles.

The supplier’s name and postcode will be included on the new number plates, as the name of the plate manufacturer, and the new standard, BS AU 145e.

The following rules apply to 2021 number plates, which were implemented after March plate registrations:

Introduction of Green Number Plates

The green number plates were introduced for all electric vehicles in December 2020. All zero-emission vehicles, including buses, trucks, and motorbikes, must have the green plates installed as standard. Not eligible for green plates are hybrid or plug-in hybrid cars.

The green number plates differ from the others because zero-emission drivers can get incentives like cheaper parking than a petrol or diesel car and free entry into clean areas.

Changes to Historical Black and Silver Number Plates

The DVLA has banned vehicles made after January 1980 from displaying historic black or silver number plates. This reduces options for modern white/yellow reflective plates.

The new law allows black and silver plates to be used on vehicles manufactured before January 1980. Vehicles older than 40 years or more are eligible for the ‘historic cars’ tax group. This allows them to stop paying vehicle taxes and get an MOT for car maintenance.

Classic car collectors have long sought out historic black and/or silver number plates to preserve the classic look of their cars.

Modifications to the Use of the GB Flag Within Europe

Before Brexit, British number plates had a circle of EU stars under them. This could have been used to drive and travel abroad.

Grant Shapps, the transport secretary, unveiled the redesigned number plate design on 31 January 2021. It displayed GB for Great Britain and a Union flag on its left-hand side. This was one year after Brexit.

The UN announced a second redesign shortly after. This replaced the 111-year-old ‘GB’ designation with the letter UK’ to include Northern Ireland. The new design of reg plates will be in effect starting 28 September.

You can easily purchase the new “UK” sticker or magnet online, at post offices, and in garages. Or, you could apply to have new UK number plates to comply with all recent changes.

Number Plates: Rules

Your vehicle’s number plates must be:

  • Be made of a reflective material.
  • Display black characters on white background (front plate)
  • Display black characters on a background of yellow (rear plate).
  • Not to have a background pattern.
  • Be marked to indicate who provided the number plate.
  • Be marked with a British Standard Number – this is BS AU 145e for plates installed after 1 September 2021
  • They cannot be removed or made reflective. Your number plates must be one shade black if installed after 20 September 2121.
  • You can also use number plates.
  • Have 3D (raised characters)
  • Display certain flags and symbols
  • If you are driving a zero-emission vehicle, display a green flash.
  • You ride a motorbike, motor tricycle, or motorbike.
  • Motor tricycles and motorcycles must have a number plate at their rear.

Towing a Trailer

The number plate on your trailer must match the vehicle it is towing. If towing multiple trailers, the number plate must be attached to the trailer at its back.

Take commercial or heavy trailers with you abroad.

To register your trailer to travel abroad, you will need to attach the trailer registration plate and the number plate of the towing vehicle.

As far as possible, fix the trailer registration plate away from the number plate of the towing vehicle.

You can fix the trailer registration plate to the back of your trailer if you cannot fix it. They should be visible.

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