The story of Zam Zam water

The story of zam zam water is too much popular among Muslims all over the world. Muslims consider Zamzam water to be sanctified holy water. The Zamzam well, which is located inside Saudi Arabia in Masjid-al-Haram in the city of Maakah, is the origin of this pure, holy, and blessed water. The Al-Kaaba, considered to be the holiest point in Islam, is 20 meters to the east of the well. Millions of Muslims perform Umrah around the Kaaba via booking the Umrah Packages. Both its advantages and the story of Zamzam water underscore the water’s sacred significance.

Background of the Story of Zam Zam water:

Ibn ‘Abbaas said Allah directed Prophet Ibrahim to accompany his wife Hajarah and son Ismail to Makkah. In those days, Makkah was a desolate region or barren land. The Prophet was ordered to go back home after leaving his wife and son with some dates and water. So the prophet Hazrat Ibrahim did this following Allah’s instructions. The dates and water ran out after a while on this desolate terrain. Hazarat Hajarah went seeking water while Hazrat Ismail began to weep due to high thirst in the desert of Makkah.

Hazrat Hajrah was too worried in this regard and ran here and there in search of water for his child but was unable to find even a drop to drink. While searching for water she completed seven cycles from the hill of Safah to the hill of Marwa. The merciful Lord liked Hazrat Hajrah’s struggle immensely. And by the order of Allah Ta’alah shows a miracle, a fountain of water erupts where his son strikes his toe on the barren land of Makkah. A significant volume of water starts running out from the land. While seeing the water coming out Hazrat Hajrah ordered the water to stop. She said in her Arabic language “zam zam” which means stop now. So that is why this holy water is named ZamZam in Islam. This was the story of Zam Zam water which reveals the love of Allah Ta’alah to his obedient people.

Quality of zam zam water:

The story of zamzam water reveals how we have gotten the purest holy water which is the biggest solution to a lot of diseases and problems. The Zamzam water is itself very pure but the contamination of side walls, pipes, or containers can contaminate it. Due to this reason, the Saudi government always used to test the samples of zam-zam water.

On daily basis, three samples in different three containers have been taken from the zam zam well. These samples were taken towards the King Abdullah Zamzam water Distribution which is situated in Makkah. This laboratory is facilitated with the latest technologies and advanced services.

Saudi government always takes steps for the betterment of zam zam well. Last time in 2018, they did a lot of work on zam zam well for its renovation. In this process, Saudi authorities sterilized the area and walls around the zam zam water by removing the rubbish fragments of concrete and steel.

The story of Zamzam water clearly describes how this water erupted from the foot of Allah’s beloved Hazrat Ismail. So, it will not possible that this holy water to harm any living organism. During Ramzan daily 100 samples are examined to ensure good quality Zam Zam water.

Some technical facts about the holy zam zam water:

The story of zam zam water is immeasurably interesting but there is some technical information about the zamzam well that is interesting too.

The well of zam zam is constructed by the human hand, it has a depth of 20 m which is equal to 100 feet. In diameter, it is 1.08 m to 2.66 m (3 feet 7 inches to 8 feet 9 inches). In ancient times the water was drawn out with the help of a pulley, rope, and bucket. But nowadays electric pumps are used to draw -out towards the pipelines and fountains that are spread throughout Masjid-al-haram. There are dispensers of zamzam water near the tawaf area. The zam zam well is now enclosed in a room present in the basement area, covered with glass panels but it is a prohibited area. Visitors are not allowed to visit this area. In the depth of zam zam well groundwater spurt around from wadi alluvium and some other bedrocks. The difference between the well of zam zam and Kabaah is round about 21 meters.

According to the department of hydrogeology, the zam zam well is situated in the wadi Ibrahim also named the valley of Abraham. The upper part of the well has composed of stone masonry, except for the top 3 feet as it is constituted of concrete. The lower area of the well is indulged in bedrock. But in the middle area of alluvium and the bedrock, this half-meter area is comprised of stone-lined up with weathered rock. This part of the well allows the water to enter inside the well.

The Zam zam Studies and Research Center of the Saudi Geological Survey conducts a thorough analysis of the zam zam well’s technical characteristics. Hydrographs, which were once used to monitor groundwater tables, have now given way to innovative scientific digital monitoring units that keep track of the water’s level, electric conductance, pH value, Eh value, and temperature. This shows that the Saudi government is renovating the zam zam well daily.

Constituent of Zam Zam water:

According to the research done by the researcher at the King Saud University, zamzam water contain 133 mg/l Sodium, 96 mg/l Calcium, 38.88 mg/l Magnesium, 43.3 mg/l Potassium, 195.4 mg/l Bicarbonate, 163.3 mg/l Chloride, 0.72 mg/l Fluoride, 124.8 mg/l Nitrate, 124.0 mg/l Sulfate. As a whole total of 825 mg/l are present inside the zam zam drink. According to the minerals present inside the water, zam zam is the finest drink for human health. These micronutrients give strength in addition to preventing major disorders. You can get Zamzam water from Kaaba during the Umrah. Umrah can be purchased from any trusted hajj umrah travel agency.

Any researcher in the whole universe can never claim that zamzam water is harmful to human health. Only a Muslim can understand What is the worth of the finest, pure, and holy zam zam water. There are some exceptional manners to drink it which we will discuss later in this article.

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