Tips To Outshine Everyone Else In The IELTS Exam

The IELTS exam is something that everyone is crazy behind. Candidates want to crack the IELTS exam and gain good band scores to go abroad and carry on their life with higher studies. Competition is too high for the IELTS exam and in order to outshine everyone else in the IELTS exam you have to follow some methods that we have selected for you. But firstly you will be needed a good institute that will help you reach your goals. For that, we have SEARCH INDIA for you that will help you to locate the best IELTS institute near you. 

Methods That Will Help You To Gain Good Band Scores In The IELTS


  • Composing an introduction, at least two paragraphs outlining the subject or the facts, and a conclusion is one of the key IELTS writing strategies.
  • First, reframe the problem and create a thesis statement based on your point of view.
  • Then, create topic sentences for each argument that summarise your main points. Make paragraphs for each concept (idea, benefit, disadvantage, and point of view).
  • In paragraphs, use examples to support the topic sentence. Use transitional or linking words when writing long sentences.
  • Restate your inference and briefly summarise your important points in the conclusion.
  • To explain the information in the graph or data table, you can utilize synonyms and language modifications.
  • Manage time properly, know how much time each task will observe and how fast you need to be
  • Keep a track of the time right from the beginning.


  •  There are 3 passages and each of them contains at least 16 questions try to give 18 minutes to one person
  • Use the last 6 minutes to proofreading and solve the unsolved hard questions
  • Don`t waste your time looking around or wasting on other things as time is too beneficial in IELTS reading
  • Don`t and never rely on others as it will only end you up with disappointment and failure.
  • Don`t waste time on questions that you are unable to solve in the first 4 or 5 minutes
  • Try to go to easy questions first, after completing them jump on the hard ones
  • There are easy, moderate, and hard passages in IELTS reading and that can be in any order


  •  To succeed, you must multitask. This calls for simultaneous use of reading the questions, listening for the answers, and writing down words. You ought to practice this.
  • Before the test, practice writing your answers on the answer sheet at home. So, you won`t feel any panic and stress in the exam hall
  • You should use a pencil, not a pen, to write your answers on the answer sheet. The IELTS reading test is equivalent to this.
  • Guess if you are unsure of the response. Always fill out the box on your answer sheet with text. Who knows, perhaps your guess was accurate!
  • You can use either capital or lowercase letters to write your response. However, we only advise employing only capital letters.
  • Don`t waste time on answers that you have missed, other than that jump to the next question. Subsequently, you will not waste your precious time.
  • Try it on full volume, in the exam hall there will of course be pin-drop silent. But, still volume up can and will help you to understand answers properly.
  • Don`t confuse yourself with singular and plural words as many students face problems with them, listen carefully.


  • You’ll feel more comfortable speaking if you watch movies, TV shows, or video clips in English.
  • Use as much English as you can in class. Speaking in an exam will be simpler if you routinely use English in class.
  • Speed up! Not a race, exactly. Think carefully about what you want to say before you speak, and speak a little more slowly than usual.
  • Use words you are sure are appropriate. Utilize language and expressions you are familiar with.
  • What can you do to get ready for the test? Question your teacher. For instance, inquiries about private information
  • Don`t panic, think that it is a normal conversation with your friends not a test

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Above mentioned are the best tips for each module of IELTS that can and will help you to gain good band scores and outshine every other person.

Elizabeth Barton
Elizabeth Barton
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