Top 12 Popular Tips for Newbie PC Gamers

Had PC gaming made you excited so much that you cannot help but wonder how to become a pro in it? Some of the greatest PC influencers ever known are Markiplier,W2S, VanossGaming, DanTDM, Jacksepticeye, Ali-A, CaptainSparklez and TheSyndicateProject. If you watch their videos, you can understand how dedicatedly they take PC games and spend hours on them. Gaming is no more a fun activity or just a thing to pass the time. You can make a factoring calculator out of it. It offers a lot of exposure.

Like any other profession, this also comes with great skills that can be mastered with time. It will take a long time, so hold your horses and try to take one step at a time. Once you read the complete blog, you will easily be able to elevate your gaming experience to the next level. So without any delay, let’s explore the best PC gaming tips that will bring thundering speed to your fingers.

Check the internet connection

A proper internet connection is a must to improve your gaming experience. It is frustrating to find lag or poor response time when assignment experts are in the middle of the game. A low-latency, fast broadband may not increase your FPS, but it can improve your response time and reduce lag at least. You can easily improve broadband connection quality and evaluate the internet speed on sites like If you want to achieve ideal speed internet, upgrade your network and purchase one of the best Wi-Fi 6 routers.

You may improve thenetwork connection and take it to the next level by reducing stuttering, amount of lag or constant disconnections. If it is possible, consider plugging the Ethernet cable directly into your computer.

Invest in a PC with HDD and SSD

Your PC will be the backbone of your gaming experience, so ensure to invest in it wisely. In case you do not know, HDD and SSD are two types of drives used for storing information. We all know that SSD is way better at storing and reading data. It is the best advice to buy both SSD and HDD. SSD helps you download games at a faster rate, while HDD gives you more storage space. Thus it will be wise to get both installed on your PC.

Invest in a good gaming chair

You will be spending hours on your gaming desk and chair. It will be your ultimate throne while you fight against all enemies. Whether you need a fabric or a leather gaming chair, it is up to your comfort level and breathability. If you prefer a leather gaming chair, you may buy a Vertagear gaming chair SL400 or Karnox’s PU leather gaming chair since both are designed with high-end leather material. However, you may opt for the unique breathable gaming chair of Vertagear if you prefer breathable gaming chairs. High-quality breathable fabric is used on this limited-edition breathable chair.

Install discord

Discord is popular in the gaming community. Gamers use this for sending videos, free texts and game snapshots to each other across different servers. If you are a newbie in the world of PC gaming, you can learn a lot of gaming tricks and tips by joining this app from renowned gaming experts. Making communication with multiple users gets easier once you install discord.

Keep your devices clean

You must clean your gaming exercises from time to time. In case you leave the software and hardware alone, they will start malfunctioning. Thus, installing the latest updates and cleaning the hardware is necessary. The keyboard should always be dust-free, and the PC should be dusted at least once a month.

Take care of your health

PC games can be so addicting that students forget to take care of their health. Be sure to stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle next to you. Health should not be coming second, so make sure you do not get so consumed with gaming that you skip your lunches or dinners. Avoid sitting on the chair for a long time as your head will start to pound. It will also affect your posture and your health. Try going for a walk or stretching a little.

Invest in high-end peripherals

As a gamer, investing in the best peripherals is the wisest thing to do. Buy a dedicated gaming PC. It should be your foremost peripheral. The best recommendations that come to our mind are PX277 Prime Gaming Monitor and Pixio PX275C Prime Productivity gaming Monitor. Both of these come with a good performance and ultrafast speed that you can expect from a pro-level gaming experience.

If you can afford, there are other peripherals that I suggest for you to use like e a Bluetooth RGB keyboard and mouse. Besides just making your overall gaming experience classy, it will also ensure you have a smooth gaming experience.

Create a Reddit account to join PC gaming communities

Reddit is a hotspot for multiple pro-level gamers. It is a great place for gamers to share and discuss the details of new games currently available in the market. They can also give you certain gaming tips and tricks that you will find useful while playing a certain game. So if you wish to stay up to date, join the Redditor’s gaming community today.

Don’t hesitate to try out new things

Do not hesitate to try out new gaming techniques and games. This will help the ones who are fearless. So consider playing games in different domains as well as genres like strategy games, simulator games, action games, etc. This will make you a master of all games and help you learn different techniques along the way. You may never know; you may end up liking a new gaming genre.

Set up your audio rightly

Building a good audio system is necessary to experience an immersive gaming experience. All you will need is a good microphone setup and a good headset. Although a good headset is useful for good gaming sounds and communication, it’s best to go for the microphone setup. Experts use external speakers, Stream deck, boom arm and pop filter to fix everything rightly. Using all these experiences will surely make a huge difference in your gaming experience.

Overclock to the video card

One of the best ways to boost your gaming experience is overclocking your video card. The best part of this is that it will not cost even a dime but will vastly improve your gaming performance. Running a game will be a little smoother, and your game will look a little nicer. You can also overclock your PC. However, how much it is going to help you depends on if it is even taxed.

Come up with your own sensitivity settings

Not every game will have the same mouse sensitivities when you are moving around the game. Do not use the default setting or copy someone else’s sensitivity. It is best to come up with your own sensitivity settings. Settings should be made as per your gaming style, technique and the time you take when reading your surroundings. For instance, if you play at a slower pace, use a lower sensitivity. However, if you are a more aggressive player and tend to react more quickly in the game, it is best to use higher sensitivity.


Becoming a pro gamer need not be a far-fetched dream. It sure takes dedication and time to become a top-tier PC gamer, but it is not impossible. All you need is access to certain equipment and software and know all the right tips and tricks. Following certain tips help you experiencing a fast and smooth gaming experience. The latest technology and components will bring you closer to a better gaming experience.

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