Understanding the top benefits of water quality testing

environmental testing services

environmental testing services

There are a lot of reasons why people outsource environmental testing services to test water quality. Water is essential to life. It gives life to all living things on Earth. It is therefore important to ensure water is of high quality, especially if the water is intended for consumption. Testing water quality can provide important data on the condition of particular water bodies and whether they may need treatment before use. Factors such as nutrient levels, pH level, alkalinity, amount of dissolved oxygen, and bacteria are useful in understanding the health of water bodies. This allows you to create a water management plan backed with data.

Why is water testing important?

Whether it is groundwater, open water or surface water, there are a lot of reasons why it is important to undertake regular water testing. If you want to create a solid foundation to build a broader management plan for water, investing in water testing should be a priority. This testing allows you to adhere to permit regulations.

Identifying the health of water will help you discover where the water may need some help. Finding a source of water pollution or being proactive with your monitoring enables you to save money.

Another important advantage of hiring an environmental testing lab to test the quality of water is measuring the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. The less oxygen in water, the higher the temperature of the water and this results in a harmful environment for aquatic life. The levels fluctuate slightly across different seasons but regular water quality monitoring allows you to discover trends over time.

Water quality sampling and monitoring equipment

Assessing the location of water will allow you to narrow down your search for the right monitoring device to use.

Water sampler

If you want something with little durability to test water quality in harsh conditions then you should consider the TPS WP- 81 water meter. These devices measure the same quality parameters as the Hanna Pocket testers.

Water quality meter

When providing environmental testing services to measure the quality of water, a water quality meter is very important. It offers versatile and robust performance options in harsh environments. This device is great for aquaculture, agriculture, schools and labs. You can use the meter for low-flow groundwater sampling.

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