What’s a Family Law Attorney and Do I Need One for My Case?

Family Lawyers

Family law is a broad section of the law that concerns disputes within a family unit. Family lawyers or family attorneys are experienced in handling family matters like divorce and child custody issues. Besides these kinds of cases, family lawyers can also handle several other kinds of family-related disputes and issues.

Even though most families have disputes and issues from time to time, some issues can become overwhelmingly complex and may require external legal counsel to settle. But what exactly do family law attorneys do?

What Kinds of Cases Do Family Lawyers Handle?

When people think of family lawyers, their first thought is divorce or child custody. However, family law includes so much more than that. Below are examples of cases that a family law attorney can handle:


Family lawyers are experts at handling divorce cases and can offer legal advice before, during, and after a divorce is finalized. Divorce cases can be extremely complex and can involve other issues such as child custody and finances.

Family lawyers will help you make sense of the divorce process, and help you navigate the complex details of the divorce. They also act as a trusted advisor to inform you of your rights and fight to create the best outcome for you. You need a lawyer specialized in handling divorce cases to give you deeper insights into the law and keep you from losing your rights. A trained lawyer will help you build a solid case to get the most out of every settlement. You can check with your local bar association or search online to get a free consultation family lawyer to handle your divorce case.


The adoption process can be filled with a lot of red tape, and the intended parents will need the services of a lawyer experienced in navigating the complex system of adoption.

The right family law attorney will help you acquire the necessary paperwork to get the adoption process moving quickly. They can also provide any legal advice you might need during the adoption process.

Child Support 

Different states have different means of calculating monthly child support. A good family law attorney ensures that every piece of paperwork and evidence is made available to ensure the monthly child support is computed correctly.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Many couples opt for signing pre-nuptial agreements. These agreements state the assets of both parties and what should belong to whom in the event of a divorce. A pre-nuptial agreement is best prepared on the advice of a qualified family law attorney.

Inheritance Act Claims 

In cases of inheritance, getting an experienced family lawyer can help secure your inheritance in the event of the death of your loved one.

Spousal Support 

A reliable family lawyer ensures that their client gets the best outcomes in regard to alimony and spousal support. Some states already have regulations in place to determine spousal support after a divorce. However, that determination is made by a judge in other states. In such cases, it’s best to utilize the services of an experienced family lawyer to get the best possible outcomes.

Child Custody 

Child custody battles can get very tricky and messy. It’s up to the lawyers representing both parents to make all the necessary paperwork and evidence available to ensure the child is put in the custody of the most responsible parent.

Who Do Family Lawyers Represent?

Family law attorneys can represent any family member who needs legal representation. They can represent children and adolescents in cases relating to abuse or neglect. They can also represent adults in cases of spousal support, child custody, paternity disputes, and other similar family-related cases. If you search online for something like “family attorney free consultation” you should be able to find reliable local attorneys offering free consultations in your area.

Find Family Lawyers in Your Area 

Whatever family case you’re looking to settle, you need to find experienced family lawyers to handle your case. You can find a free-consultation family lawyer in your area by checking online law directories or by searching “family attorney free consultation”. Do some proper research to ensure you’re hiring a lawyer with experience and expertise in handling your case.

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