[Quick fixes] Windows was Unable to Complete the Format

windows was unable to complete the format

When you are trying to format a USB drive as it is not able to access some things, the format process might fall and you may encounter an error message which says, ‘windows was unable to complete the format’.
Since, USB flash drives are simple and easy to carry for data storage and transmission, it is essential to know how you will be able to fix this problem you are dealing with.
You do not need to go anywhere, as you will find the solutions for this in this blog itself where we will tell you about all the possible and quick fixes to tackle this issue.

Why Error Message of Incomplete Format Occurs?

There could be various reasons why windows is unable to format the flash drive properly such as virus infection, physical damage of USB, bad sectors, write protection, etc.
If your USB Device has ever being used on a device which contains virus then it is possible that the USB is also likely to get virus infected or if the drive has some serious physical damage then also you will not be able to use it.
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Fixes for ‘Window Unable to Complete Format’ Error for you –

Now, let us immediately get into the solutions for windows unable to complete format error for you, so that you can try out these solutions and can fix problem with your drive.
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Try formatting with disk management

If your flash drive is not accessible in file explorer you can find it in the disk management utility and also format it using the same.
The first step for this will be to open disk management and right click on the option of format on the screen before proceeding ahead for the further step below.
After this you will be taken to another screen now, where you have to select a file system format and once you do this, you have to tap on ok button to begin the format.

Try formatting with the help of diskpart

Another utility which you can use to format your device properly is disk part for which you have to first open disk part by running command of diskpart in the elevated command prompt.
Under the diskpart commands you will be able to format a drive with the help of the commands mentioned below –
Select disk n – the n in this command represents the number listed which you wish to format
Clean – this command will delete all the date which is there on the selected disk
Assign letter x – here x is the drive letter for the USB drive and you can change it depending on your needs
We hope that using the ways which we have offered to you in this blog to fix the problem of windows unable to format usb has been helpful and beneficial for you in tackling the problem which you were encountering. If you will execute the steps just like they are given you will be surely able to get success in formatting the USB.

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