How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

Removal of wisdom teeth is a procedure that many people have to undergo. And this is mainly because our mouth is too small to accommodate them. So, dentists especially suggest removing all 4 wisdom teeth in a single surgery. And this explains why there is so much interest to know the cost of wisdom teeth removal that London dentists charge. And people who don’t have dental insurance are getting more concerned about how much they have to pay out of their pocket. We here start by understanding why exactly the wisdom teeth need to be removed.

Factors that necessitate of wisdom tooth Removal

When we talk about ‘wisdom teeth’, we are actually making reference to a third set of molars. These are 4 extra teeth. They simply can’t fit well into the available space in the mouth. And if not removed, they will tend to crowd out the other teeth. The end result can be dental misalignment. Thus one ends up with teeth that are crooked. However, if the wisdom teeth are removed, the others are left with enough space.

It is also worth noting that wisdom teeth sometimes only erupt partially through the gums. This is very risky, as it creates an entry for bacteria. The end result can be very nasty oral infections. So this is yet another factor that makes the removal of wisdom teeth necessary.

Ultimately, it is on account of factors like these that you may need to visit a Wimpole dental office in order to have your wisdom teeth removed.

How much would it cost a person who has no insurance to have wisdom teeth removal?

The exact cost of wisdom teeth removal in London varies from case to case. Firstly, it typically depends on whether the wisdom teeth are impacted or not. If the wisdom teeth are impacted, the cost tends to be higher than would be the case with a simple extraction.

It is also worth noting that there are many additional costs that are associated with wisdom teeth removal. For instance, a dental panoramic x-ray often has to be taken. Then there may be exam fees to be borne. And of course, there is the aspect of sedation and the costs associated with it.

In terms of actual figures, you tend to find the procedure starting at £350. It can go much higher, depending on how the specific case is.

The number of wisdom teeth being removed is another factor that affects the cost. But it is worth noting that most dentists offer some sort of discount to people who opt to get all their wisdom teeth removed at once.

Thus the wisdom tooth extraction cost London dentists charge has very few components.

Is wisdom teeth removal covered by dental insurance?

Yes, almost all dental insurance plans cover wisdom teeth removal. However, the actual coverage varies from plan to plan. Thus someone who has comprehensive dental insurance may end up paying very little out-of-pocket for this sort of procedure.

Ultimately, in some cases, the insurance only covers 50% of the wisdom teeth removal cost. One then has to pay the other half of the quoted fee out-of-pocket. In other cases, the insurance may cover as much as 80% of the wisdom teeth removal cost. In this case, one would only need to pay 20% out-of-pocket.

Considering the cost of wisdom tooth removal that UK dentists typically charge, the whole thing is quite manageable.

Is it really necessary to have all wisdom teeth removed?

Yes, it is really necessary to have all wisdom teeth removed. If you retain the wisdom teeth, there may be problems like

  • Pain somewhere around the back of the mouth. This can either be sporadic or it can be persistent.
  • Swelling of gums (as well as sensitivity and bleeding).
  • Recurring sinus issues – with symptoms like headaches, as well as pressure or feeling congested.
  • A scenario where the teeth start shifting.
  • Recurrent infections, as well as cavities and formation of cysts.
  • Unpleasant breath.
  • Aching in the ears, which typically radiates from the jaw.
  • The jaw becomes stiff, painful or swollen

These are obviously very nasty problems. Therefore it makes sense to pay a relatively modest cost of wisdom tooth removal that UK dentists charge, to avoid such issues.

If the dentist recommends the removal of all wisdom teeth, it is best to just go with that advice. This may be better than only removing some of the wisdom teeth, and retaining others. This is because ignoring the discomfort may seem fine but it causes serious issues going forward.

The risks associated with wisdom teeth removal

There are minor inconveniences that a person typically goes through, after having wisdom teeth removed. But these usually last only a few days. They include issues like

  • Swollen or painful gums
  • Challenges opening the jaw
  • Some degree of bleeding (which typically lasts only 24 hours)
  • A feeling of general discomfort

Recovery from these sorts of inconveniences takes just 3-4 days. However, the wound at the site where the wisdom teeth were removed takes longer to heal. So in that regard, you may be looking at a healing period of as much as two months.

The really major risks that come with wisdom teeth removal (but are thankfully rare) include

  • Infection
  • The condition which is known as dry socket, where clotting fails to take place properly after the extraction
  • Harm to the jawbone, other teeth that are close by, nerves or sinuses

Ways in which you can save on the wisdom teeth removal cost

One way in which you can minimize the cost is by opting for one of those dental plans that are discounted.

There are also certain instalment payment plans you can take advantage of. So you pay small monthly amounts until you meet the cost of the procedure. Through these instalments, you can avoid paying a huge lump-sum amount upfront.

You can have wisdom teeth removed at very cost-effective rates in our Wimpole Dental Office. Book an appointment to examine your teeth, understand the procedure, and to know the discounts and installment plans.

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