What Are The Different Types Of Hosiery?

What Are The Different Types Of Hosiery?

What is Hosiery?

Knitted covers for the feet and legs are refer to as “hosiery”. However, it can be used generically to describe all types of knit goods and fabrics. A majority of hosiery articles are knitted with integral tubular legs and feet on small diameter circular machines. Usually, the welt and top are knit first, then the foot and toe, and then the welt and top. A close-toe also makes the garment more secure. Socks are widely use for undergarments because they provide a more secure fit. As well as for undergarments, medical apparel is also widely used.
Many factories produce hosieries and sell wholesale material, for example, T & A textiles wholesale hosiery.

Hosiery Fibre Types:


There is nothing more comfortable than cotton. This fabric comes from a plant and is soft. The fabric is long-lasting and versatile. Making it more comfortable for everyday wear can be accomplish by adding cotton to a bend of fabric.


Wool is warm and attractive and keeps its form because it is made of animal hair. When it is cooler outside, wool is ideal. Wool absorbs moisture from the body. Wool has a distinguish appearance as well. It can be combine with several other materials to create the desired effect of wearing hosiery.


Silk is nice because it can adjust to your body temperature. You can wear it year-round since it can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Natural fibres provide a comfortable feel. You can feel it lying nicely on your skin. However, it’s not very versatile. A good pair of hosiery should be made from several fabrics blended with silk.


The elasticity of nylon makes it one of the most popular fabrics used in hosiery because it recovers its shape. The material always returns to its original size and shape, no matter how far it is stretch. Smooth, durable, and strong. A versatile fabric that is comfortable to wear all day.


Products such as hosieries are increasingly made of spandex. Stretchy, solid, and durable, spandex is perfect for daily use. The fabric hugs the body more closely than other fabrics. Nylon and spandex are often use in hosiery.


A polyester blend makes wrinkle-resistant hosiery possible. Polyester blends are also light and weatherproof.

Types of Hosiery:

For centuries, hosieries production was the main concern of the knitting industry. The prototype machines for warp, circular, flat and fully-fashioned knitting were design for knitting hosiery; however, most hosiery machines are small-diameter circular machines. The majority of seamless hosiery products are manufacture on circular knitting machines with small diameters.

Fishnet Hosiery

Fishnets are typically made from nylon or polyester mesh. Black, red, and navy blue are the most popular colours for traditional fishnets.

They’re perfect for women who aren’t afraid to stand out! The fishnets can be worn with tight-fitting pants (e.g., jeans) that show off your legs or with short skirts that reveal your ankles; they also look great with high heels.

Seamed Hosiery

Sewn stockings were worn by screen sirens such as Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth when they first appear on the screen. It’s easy to wear seamed hosiery in almost any colour with a dressy outfit.

You can sport them with heels or flats to give the illusion of longer legs. Stockings with seams come in three different styles: full-cut, sheer-to-waist and French cut.

Knee-High Hosiery

Women can add knee-high hosiery to their wardrobe collection for many different uses, including casual dresses and formal evening gowns. Knee-high hosiery comes in many colours and textures. Also available are seamless knee highs that do not have visible lines on the legs and look great with underwear! 

They’re especially good for women who wear pantyhose but don’t like how obvious they look when they do. If you want a knee-high to wear for business, the office, or the daytime, you can’t go wrong with a demure nude colour.


These days, pantyhose come in many different colours and textures, including cotton-lined pantyhose for people with allergies. Wearing them out is very chic and sexy, but if you wear them too hot, the sheer material will make your legs look sweaty!

If you go sockless, make sure there’s no toe showing so that it doesn’t look like your hose has a hole in it.

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